Finishing a Game–erm–Story

So I meant to post every week, but I swear I had a legitimate excuse! Okay, not really. By the time Friday came rolling in, I might have gotten a bit distracted by Bioshock Infinite. Again. Not that this has been the first time I’ve blown off writing in lieu of playing video games (and then-some). And it certainly won’t be the last.


But I promise that this post actually has some relevance to Bioshock Infinite! Well, a lot of things do, now that I come to think of it.

Just as I wiped off another round of Vox Populi, Patriots, and Handymen, just as I watched the mind-boggingly good ending and the fantastically beautiful graphics of the franchise, just as I sat there thinking about how awesome Ken Levine and his writing crew are, I started going back to my own stories, and how great it was to go through just the process of starting them, struggling through them on some epic journey, and then, at that last agonizing moment, finishing them.

It’s probably only right that I played Infinite this week, because I actually did finish a short story. Mind, it’s not gone through the editing phase yet, but that’s what a second playthrough’s for, right?

So here’s to story, and here’s to play, and here’s to Booker and Elizabeth, who are such well-written characters, with non-romantic yet heartwarming interactions. Yeah, just fabulous.

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