Reminiscence on my adventures with a Time Lord

I got word that this is happening at BBC One on Sunday, and clearly my friends and I are agog about the announcement. Well, more them than me, since I’m a pretty patient person and I tend to wait certain things out. It’s probably why I still have an entire season of Legend of Korra to watch, but I’m mostly holding out until season 2 is completed and watchable as well…

The Doctor’s eleven regenerations.

Anyway, digression. For those who haven’t clicked on the link, I’m talking about Doctor Who, which has, let’s not kid ourselves, been mainstreamed by the time Steven Moffat–and by extension, Matt Smith–took the helm as head writer of the show. It’s a British science fiction series involving a 900-year-old Time Lord, several companions, and the Time Lord’s blue, scientifically improbable (but not impossible) time and relative dimension in space (TARDIS) police box. The Doctor has “regenerated” at least 10 times now (that we know), with different actors playing the leading role. The show is 50 years old, so clearly that’s grounds for celebration, which means a 50th anniversary special in the works (well, in post-production, I should say, since supposedly there’s already been a trailer released about it). With Moffat as the writer of this special, I’m expecting great things, because heck, some of his episodes tended to be my favorites in the seasons I’ve seen (maybe except “The Doctor’s Wife,” which was penned by Neil Gaiman).

Not that I’ve kept track or anything.

Unlike some of the oldbies who have been familiar with DW since, like, forever, I only got into the series during the 2005 reboot, and even so, it took a British friend of mine to persuade me to watch at least the first episode. Even after that initial episode–which I thought was just odd, as I’ve never actually watched sci-fi shows before (and certainly not British sci-fi shows)–I hadn’t been sold on DW. It took a while, and probably the introduction of a certain Jack “Hotness” Harkness (John Barrowman) solidified my affinity for the series. For those wondering, Harkness doesn’t show up until “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances”, episodes 9 and 10, respectively–both, may I add, were written by Moffat. Harkness continues to make appearances at the end of season 1 of the reboot and occasionally in later seasons, so clearly I was going to keep watching (thank you, Russell T. Davies for those beautiful shots of Jack’s “assets” in the “Bad Wolf” episode, if you know what I mean…). By the time David Tennant took over as the 10th Doctor, I was sold. By the ending of Donna Noble’s (Catherine Tate) season, I was crying a bucket load of tears.

Jack Harkness fans know EXACTLY when this scene happened.

Still, it was, has been, and is, a great series. Say what you will about DW’s slight cheesiness and its occasional godawful episodes (here’s talking to you, “The Curse of the Black Spot”), but I can’t wait to see who the next Doctor is. I will miss Smith just as much as I’ll miss Tennant (actually, I’ll probably miss Tennant more…the 10th Doctor will always be my Doctor…), and I’ll certainly feel just a bit empty without Dr. River Song (Alex Kingston) in my life. But I hope the series will continue, because with fantastic writers like Moffat, the show is surely to be a blast watching.

So, that said, they’re releasing the identity of the new Doctor. Speculations have clearly been running rampant. Some are saying Tennant will reprise his role (I hope not). Some are saying the Doctor will finally be a ginger (I hope so). Some are saying the Doctor will be a woman (gods, I hope not!). And some, like me, are hoping he’s a slightly older bloke. Not to hate on Smith’s fresh, young take on the role, but come on, they don’t have to keep getting younger and younger, do they? I really wouldn’t appreciate some cocky teen heartthrob playing the part…

2 thoughts on “Reminiscence on my adventures with a Time Lord

  1. [quote]I hadn’t been sold on DW. It took a while, and probably the introduction of a certain Jack “Hotness” Harkness (John Barrowman) solidified my affinity for the series.[end of quote] I have a post in the HOL forum dated February 1, 2011
    Well, I started watching Doctor Who.
    David Tennant.
    It’s all Cosmo’s doing.


    1. Haha, yeah, I think the majority of the HOL populace who ended up continuing with DW was due to either John Barrowman or David Tennant.

      These silly people XD


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