The Goodreads Relationship Compatibility Test

I’m not sure I buy this compatibility test, but I loved the usage of awesome film allusions throughout the post.

The Chief End

I read. A lot. My wife reads. A lot. We are a reading family. My wife has been using Goodreads for quite some time and I’m a relatively new user. One of the first things I did when I signed up was to go through and start rating books that I had read. Recently I logged onto Goodreads and looked at my wife’s profile. I noticed a “compare books” link so I clicked on it. That allowed me to see the books that my wife and I have both read, want to read, or have rated.

Fullscreen capture 1082013 80638 PM

The results were fascinating to me. My wife reads a lot more Young Adult Fiction and I read a lot more history and theology. But when we read the same books we have remarkably similar taste. So, realizing that correlation always equals causation, I determined that the success of our relationship is assuredly due…

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One thought on “The Goodreads Relationship Compatibility Test

  1. I loved the film shots! I even recognized some of them, or at least the actors in them if I could not name the specific movie. As for the test, hmmm. The desert island analogy works for me. Oh, you don’t know that one? HMMM.


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