Tens of thousands of words and counting…

Nanowrimo Nanowrimo Nanowrimo Nanowrimo Nanowrimo Nanowrimo Nanowrimo Nanowrimo Nanowrimo. I’m hoping if I say this often enough I get inspired like this guy. Maybe if I practice saying the word out loud I might even get the writing acumen akin to this guy’s rippling pectorals. Or the bulging rage of this one.

Alright, maybe I need to get more realistic. I’m pretty sure the only set of muscles working right now happens to be the ones on my fingers as I continue to blitz 500 words a pop in a span of 30 minutes. That is only slightly impressive up until you realize half of what I’ve probably written is just word vomit on the page.

I do love this image, solely for the “Tennant” at the bottom…

And when I say “word vomit,” I don’t mean random strings of letters or repeats of words on an entire page (although that’s not such a bad idea…Hodor can do it). I mostly mean random ideas that come up as thought bubbles and plop into a scene because I was demmed bored (like what happened when I dreamed up a random chimera in the middle of a historical fantasy I was writing). Or worse. Grasping for material to fill the in-between parts of circumstance. The way I figure it, that’s better because it gives me more opportunity to actually find a scene than to be empty of ideas. Right? Right?

But I wasn’t really here to rant about how my writing’s going along. The important part is that it’s going, I suppose.

Anyway, happy National November Writing Month, all. And back to blitzing for me.

One thought on “Tens of thousands of words and counting…

  1. *wipes tears from eyes* oh I was laughing so hard! <333
    love the images, too — is THAT superman? D: (I've not seen the movie). No wonder you wanted a full year's worth of him. *fans self* 🙂
    What about writing NaNoWriMo 40,000 times and then adding it on another 10,000 times?
    No? Oh.
    Damn and I was ignoring it all day until I finally crawled to the computer and got online.
    *still laughing*


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