Dear 2013–

You and I have had a love and hate relationship all year. Remember that time where I lit some candles and allowed superstition to overcome my otherwise more realistic mindset? Don’t deny it, I have a picture that says I drew the candle on wealth for the year. Instead you, in your mischievous glory, hit me with a car. And another set of debts.

Be that as it may, I recovered, and I thank you for giving me that. I also can’t deny that the year has been good to me in ways I did not expect. I learned much, lost much, wrote much, was rejected, accepted, amused, depressed.

So, 2013, it was a tumultuous relationship, and unless you have a TARDIS up your sleeve, it’s about time we part ways. Still, we had a good dance.

Here’s (moderately) hoping your successor delivers in much the same way. Only, please try to keep crazy drivers out of my path. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,

2 thoughts on “Dear 2013–

  1. I thought you got Health xD….oh no no nvm, forgot you WANTED health. Look on the bright side, I pulled Monetary Wealth…and look how much useless shit I ended up buying last year!


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