2014 – 25 Reads: A Project Overview

Goodreads is currently telling me I’m on track. So far so good. But that probably won’t last long, not without a more dedicated interference. Last year, I didn’t even finish my 70-something reading goal (which is sad, considering I did do quite a bit the two years before), and that was when I ended up “cheating” on my goal by going through mostly manga–though arguably, read enough of them and they really do count as a book at some point. So this year, I’m doing something different and just a little bit more motivated.

My goal this year is to currently read at least 50 books; however, I’m going ahead and doing a project of at least 25 to comment on in this blog. Maybe it’s overkill, since I tend to review straight to Goodreads, maybe it’s not, because half the time, my reviews always end up changing after posting things elsewhere. Regardless! I might do something along the lines of reading a book and doing a brief commentary on certain things that stuck with me as I read. So yeah, a little different than a standard review, I suppose. And, if time allows, it might even coincide with a craft project idea (or something along the lines of food…).


Mari’s 25 Must-Reads of 2014
(In no particular order)

1. The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini

2. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak

3. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (+)*, by Frank L. Baum

4. Protector of the Small (+)*, by Tamora Pierce

5. The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi

6. Daughter of Smoke & Bone, by Laini Taylor

7. Enclave, by Ann Aguirre (NOT REVIEWED)

8. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne

9. Divergent (+)*, by Veronica Roth

10. Boneshaker, by Cherie Priest

11. Spindle’s End, by Robin McKinley

12. Infernal Devices, by K.W. Jeter (NOT REVIEWED)

13. The Warded Man, by Peter V. Brett

14. Bitterblue, by Kristin Cashore

15. Nightingale, by Melissa Mickelsen

16. The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

17. Clockwork Fairy Tales: A Collection of Steampunk Fables, edited by Stephen L. Antczak and James C. Bassett

18. The Night Angel Trilogy (+)*by Brent Weeks (changed it from Black Prism 7/29/14)

19. The Shambling Guide to New York City, by Mur Lafferty

20. The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman

21. The Mistborn Trilogy (+)*, by Brandon Sanderson (changed it from Steelheart 7/29/14)

22. The Silvered, by Tanya Huff

23. Raising Steam, by Terry Pratchett

24. Etiquette & Espionage, by Gail Carriger

25. Snow White, Blood Red, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling

(+)* mostly means I probably should read the rest of the series, though I am aware many of the books I’ve put on the list are not stand-alones and technically begin an entire series (I mean, seriously, maybe I should just put Sanderson’s entire Mistborn series in place of Steelheart, because clearly I haven’t even finished reading that yet…).

I did try to vary my list, and it was difficult to choose just 25 (and I would need to test out the waters before I even dare to try a full 50). Before some of you who know me balk, a disclosure: Yes, as a huge Tamora Pierce/Tortall universe fan, it is sad I’ve still not read the rest of the Protector of the Small series. I know, it’s horrid, considering I practically own all of the Tortall books–along with the first four books of the Circle series. But, well, I SHALL REMEDY THIS. And yes, as far as I know, all these books are fiction. And yes, many of them are in the scifi/fantasy genre, with smatterings of historical, urban, YA, and short story fiction on the side. And steampunk. And for all purposes, these are not the only books I’ll probably gush about and/or talk about on the blog, because um, yes, I like books.

I am also open to changing the list if I’m persuaded enough. Anyway, I should probably get started on this, right?

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