Songs from a Wicked Ice Queen

Right, I’m aware the news came out last week, but it’s a couple weeks until the Oscars, and I’m still getting through more movies on the list, so don’t really have much to talk about at the moment.

However, I got wind of the fact that Idina Menzel will be singing at the Oscars. Idina. Frelling. Menzel. Aieeeee.

Okay, Mari, breathe. 1, 2, 3. Yes, I’m a bonafide fangirl, not gonna lie. I think I fell in love with her in the Wicked musical, and I’ve since adored her. Never mind that when I scoured YouTube, I also realized she did a stint in Aida (which, in my opinion, wasn’t the best musical, but she got to play the most fantastic role and song ever in it). And then, of course, there’s Rent, but admittedly, I never really warmed up to the story of Rent. Yes, the music is fabulous.

But this isn’t about musicals. This is about Idina Menzel. Singing at the Oscars.

And it’s all because of this Oscar-nominated song:

I’m pleasantly surprised at how well the song just went out of control–in a good way. But seeing as my reaction to hearing the song the first time was: “OH. MY GOD. THAT IS IDINA MENZEL SINGING.” I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

For those who haven’t seen or heard of Frozen yet, it’s a Disney film inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “Snow Queen.” And when I say inspired, I literally mean that other than a “queen with wintry powers”, there’s not much similarity to the story (so try not to get too carried away with nitpicking differences). The movie focuses on heroine Anna and her powerful sister, Elsa, whose powers go out of control, leading her to a bout of isolation. Mostly about sisterly stuff, so I certainly could relate. And, let’s be honest here. The “Let It Go” scene was easily the best part of the movie. Elsa’s got swag, and it’s great that she eventually knows it.

So yeah. You can already tell I’m excited to see Idina sing the song.

And if her live “Defying Gravity” rendition is any indication of what she’s capable of, then damn it, it’s going to be epic.

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