Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done anything geeky-baking-related. But! Since I’m off to the beach in a few minutes, and I technically haven’t finished reading anything since the past week, I figure I can take a bit of time to show what I’m bringing to my friends this weekend.

Normally I’m more interested in doing fruit-related, refreshing desserts, but when it comes to chocolate, it better be a lot of chocolate. Paired off with booze, and I’m sold! I found a derivation of some awesome Guinness Cupcakes that I wanted to try, though, like the recipe did, I decided to forego the Bailey’s and just went with a mocha frosting.

Not much else to say, but I will mention that waiting for that damn ganache to set took a bit more time than I thought, and now that I’ve begun molding chocolate, I could try to get them molded better (but at least I managed not to mess up tempering the darn things!). I do love my gear and wing molds, so I guess it’s a good way to end June by putting something steampunk-related in my post.

I haven’t tried the whole cupcake out yet, mostly because I’ve been tasting them as I went, but going on the cupcakes I fed my cousin and brother, these sound like a hit.

Enjoy the weekend!

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