TTT: Characters in Deserted Islands

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This is almost an excuse to list all my fictional husbands, but I decided to actually take practicality into effect. That isn’t to say that some of the characters I would bring do not have a hotness factor, but in my book, even those described as rat-faced characters are attractive to me if they’re particularly clever and skilled.

Top Ten Characters I’d Want on a Deserted Island with Me

Lady Mara of the Acoma from Daughter of the Empire – If she were thrown into G.R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, I’m betting on her to come out on top. She certainly knows how to play the game of thrones, and she’s allied herself with the most interesting people ever. She might be able to find strange creatures on the island to rally to our side. Plus, I’ve always wanted to have tea with her.

Elend Venture from the Mistborn trilogy – I like Elend Venture. I’d take him with me because he’s the sort of person who can talk easily with anyone. And he’s trustworthy. And he’ll probably bring Vin along with him to the island regardless of whether or not she’s on my list. Actually, if Elend doesn’t take her, I’m pretty sure she’d come after me, and I don’t want to anger Mistborns. They’re scary.

Silk/Prince Kheldar from The Belgariad – I’d bring Silk because he’d be the one to keep the atmosphere light and humorous. I almost always end up laughing when he gets rather witty in the books, and he’s probably one of the main reasons why I trudged through The Mallorean. Plus he’s considered The Guide, so chances of us getting lost in the island is pretty low.

Valek from Poison Study – He’s a given. After all, I’m going to need someone knowledgeable about what’s poisonous and what’s not on a deserted island (I mean, why is the island deserted in the first place, huh? Probably because the previous inhabitants ate too many poisonous plants). He’d definitely be an expert on such things, and I mean, yeah, I suppose he’s considered easy on the eyes.

George Cooper from the Song of the Lioness quartet – Uh. Okay, admittedly I’m dragging him along because he’s just…awesome? Well, he does have the Sight, so he can tell when there’s danger afoot. He’s survived in the streets and managed to rule the Court of the Rogue by seventeen. I don’t doubt he’d be useful.

Katsa from Graceling – Katsa’s the ultimate fighting machine. Her Grace is survival, after all. I’d feel safe having Katsa around. I’d also feel safe not having Katsa around, but only if she’s not on my side. That said, I think her eyes are awesome.

Conall Maccon from Soulless – You never know when a werewolf would come in handy. I went for Conall over other werewolves because he’s a Victorian gentleman with a noble upbringing. When it comes down to it, he’s an Alpha, and he’d be ready to fight to defend his territory if it becomes threatened. He’s also got quite an impressive lineage, and knows how to stay classy. To a degree.

Danika Hagen from The Silvered – Air mages come in handy all the time! Well, actually, I’d still probably pick a Fire mage over an Air mage, but since I don’t know any Fire mages in The Silvered, the Air mage is where it’s at! Maybe with practice, Dani could probably fly us out of the island on some balloon-ship that’s washed up on the shore.

Thomas Schofield from Sorcery and Cecelia: or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot – The odious Marquis comes from a Regency timeline. What’s not to love about a powerful sorcerer who’s built up like a Mr. Darcy? Seriously, though, if Mr. Darcy had magic powers, he’d be Thomas Schofield. And as an Austenite, I would regret not bringing the Marquis with me.

And because I consider her my Kindred Spirit…

Paula from Cybele’s Secret – I love Paula because she’s not someone you would consider a main character, yet she is in Cybele’s Secret. Unlike her sister Jena (who was the main character in Wildwood Dancing), Paula is a thinker, a scholar whose bookish ways would have kept her indoors if she could help it. But her adventure in Istanbul clearly changed that, and my gosh, I truly wished I was in her shoes. She could totally be one of my besties in real life, and I’d be remiss if she didn’t come along with me on the island.

On another note, if I ever wanted to get out of the island, I probably should have brought Kal-El along…but I think that’d be cheating.

8 thoughts on “TTT: Characters in Deserted Islands

  1. Well, the first part of that first sentence certainly got my attention. And then I continued reading (not that I wouldn’t continue reading anyway, but …you know …. ) HA! I read the second sentence and quickly scanned down, is Silk there? HA! … Continue reading … yeah, yeah.
    But the last one? I don’t think so. “On another note, if I ever wanted to get out of the island, I probably should have brought Kal-El along…but I think that’d be cheating.” I think you would never leave the island if Kal-El was there. la la la


  2. Your list has so many characters from books I want to read so bad and it is making want to pick them all up right now! I have been eyeing soulless for awhile now and just haven’t been able to decide if I want to get it .


    1. Get it get it get it get it get it! Although I have to admit I haven’t read anything after book 1 of the Parasol Protectorate series, just Soulless. But it was very, very good!


    1. I think a few of the readers I saw put Katsa in. She really is someone you can count on to survive. And omg yessss. I loved the S&C series to bits.


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