Tea Time Rewind #70 – Book Boyfriends

teatimeHere’s something I saw on Emily’s Books & Cleverness blog that I just had to do on a Wednesday evening because yeah, it sounded like an awesome thing to do. The timing rocks, because the topic of book boyfriends always makes me snort, considering mine changes almost every time I read a really, really good book (and some of them kind of stay around for a long, long time). Anyway, since this is also my first Tea Time Rewind, I’m going to go ahead and send y’all to the Epic Reads website to check their other fab videos and Tea Times as well (or you can click here to see today’s Tea Time video post).


Favorite opening lines from a book: Not necessarily YA, but I normally don’t remember opening sentences really well, and when I do, it’s because it was vivid and short and, well, memorable. Or, you know, I’ve read it over and over again like in Pride and Prejudice. In any case, one of my favorites that I currently remember is from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn: The Final Empire

“Ash fell from the sky.”

Because that is ominous enough, once you think about the book in entirety!

Favorite graphic novels: Oh gosh, I read almost as many graphic novels as I do books. I currently have a love/hate relationship with Bill Willingham’s Fables, which is a depiction of fairy tale characters in the modern, mundy world. I loved the first several volumes that had come out, but until recently, the continued story was getting annoying. I do still follow the series as often as I can get my hands on volumes at the library. There’s also a Telltale game out based on it called The Wolf Among Us which I’ve been dying to play but just haven’t found the right amount of incentive to buy yet. As far as other old-time favorites, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman also rocks, and there’s a graphic novel version of Brent Weeks’ The Way of Shadows that I’m really excited to see!

YA book lover: I’m trying to tell myself not to pick a Tamora Pierce male because there are a lot of them and–oh screw it. Let’s go with someone current and Tamora Pierce-made: Nealan of Queenscove. There are typically two guys I fall in love with in books: Mr. Main Squeeze and Mr. Friend Zoned. Neal falls in the second category, though thankfully it’s not the bitter type of friendzoning that tends to happen in YA romances. Frankly, I don’t even think there was much of a real development on either his or Keladry’s side (other than the schoolgirl crush moment in book 2). For those who haven’t read the Protector of the Small series, Neal’s a healer, a knight, a scholar, and gets the added perk of being trained by Alanna the Lioness herself. And I seriously loved him in Lady Knight.

Book world to turn into an amusement park: I’d totally dig seeing Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate London come to life. It’s a perfect mixture of steampunk and supernatural in a Victorian setting, and using that in a themed amusement park would be awesome. Plus, there’d totally be a tea booth for tea tasting with Lord Akeldama and stuff. Perfeeeeeect!

So yes, feel free to agree, disagree, or click lots of links above!


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