TTT: Book Characters Sitting At Lunch (Mean Girls Style)

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I couldn’t help it. I had to. Mean Girls being ten years old brought this thought to my head and now this blog is going to suffer through it.

Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Top Fifteen Book Characters Sitting At Lunch

Now, where you sit in the cafeteria is crucial, because you got everybody there.

You got your freshmen.

Mat, Rand, and Perrin from The Wheel of Time

ROTC guys.

Robb Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire


Sophronia from Finishing School

JV jocks.

Atticus from Iron Druid Chronicles

Asian nerds.

Lady Mara from Empire Trilogy

Cool Asians.

Yuki from Protector of the Small

Varsity jocks.

Katsa from Graceling

Unfriendly black hotties.

Enobaria from The Hunger Games Trilogy

Girls who eat their feelings.

Yelena from Study series

Girls who don’t eat anything.

Tati from Wildwood Dancing

Desperate wannabes.

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl


Bram from Dearly, Departed

Sexually active band geeks.

The Phantom and Christine Daae from The Phantom of the Opera

The greatest people you will ever meet.

Kelsier, Vin, and Elend from the Mistborn Trilogy

And the worst: beware of the Plastics.

Tally from Uglies series

* Note 1: I do not own any of the images that depict the characters. I just did a good ole’ Google search and they were pretty much the pictures I found on the first page. So uh, yeah, they belong to their respective owners.

** Note 2: I’ve either read–or am in the process of reading–the books I’ve mentioned above. There are probably other fictional characters that best fit each of the statements, but I went with the ones that came to mind at the time.

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