TTT: Authors I’ve Read One Book From

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I feel like this happens whenever I start a series, and I just sob inwardly because I know I need to finish it because it’s just so darn good and damn that author for being so awesome and crazy for having more than one series I need to read!

Top Ten Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

Brent Weeks – I recently purchased The Night Angel trilogy the last time I went to The Strand, and ugh, I’ve still not picked up book 2. And what’s worse, I hear his Lightbringer series is awesome too and I so want The Blinding Knife.


Sarah J. Maas – I seem to recall being told to read her story ages ago, and I immensely enjoyed Throne of Glass. Now I just remembered I should probably get on the bandwagon and read the rest of her trilogy. Although as a shipper of things shippy, I’m kind of afraid to see where Maas eventually took the romance.


Philippa Ballantine – Her collaboration series, A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences was my first ever introduction to Pip Ballantine (and Tee Morris), though admittedly it is not my only one. I’ve read and enjoyed a short story by her as well, which is why she’s on this list, because I not only need to read The Janus Affair (book #2 of Peculiar Occurrences), I want to read the Books of the Order and start her newer stuff, too.


Maureen Johnson – I’m not sure I want to continue her Shades of London series, even though I really liked The Name of the Star. I think it’s because I saw it more as a standalone, even though it clearly wasn’t. Maybe I’ll try the next book in the series, but I might also just go for her standalones first. I really liked the short stories I’ve read of hers (two of which I might have read in anthologies).


Tanya Huff – I’m still really hoping to see a sequel of The Silvered…but hem hem. I might have to try her Blood books at some point, but probably not right now, since I’m not a vampire person at the moment (all those damn werewolf books have messed with my head lately).


Kevin Hearne – There are apparently nine of the Iron Druid ChroniclesSo eventually I will get to all nine at some point. Yeah. Loved Hounded, obviously, else I wouldn’t even try.


Lane Robins – I’m not sure I want to continue reading about the world of Antyre when Maledicte was no longer the main character. In fact, Kings and Assassins describes a summary where Janus would be the main character. Janus was not a character you were supposed to like in Maledicte, so naturally, I’m still iffy over him as a main character. Still, considering how the first book ended, I figure the companion novel would have to be about Janus and not about awesomer characters like, say, Miranda or Gilly.


Adrienne Kress – I really want to read Outcast out of the books she’d written. I don’t know why. It’s pretty. Although Alex and the Ironic Gentleman sounds like a fun romp with a female MC I could totally see myself reading.


James Dashner – Because Maze Runner trilogy really needs to be read and finished. This isn’t even an option at this point.


Neal Shusterman – My initial reaction to there being more Unwind books was: “THERE’S MORE TO UNWIND?” But apparently there are. Must. Read. Books.


4 thoughts on “TTT: Authors I’ve Read One Book From

  1. You have so many interesting series on here, Mari! I’m really excited (sort-of?) to know that I’m not the only one that hasn’t jumped on the Sarah J Maas train. I’ve heard such wonderful things about the series, and I really want to read it – but I like binge reading series and would hate to have to wait for 3 more books! (I’ll probably end up caving soon though – people are just way too excited about how good this series is!)

    Great list, Mari 🙂 &&thanks for piquing my interest on all these other series!


    1. You’re in luck. The third Throne of Glass book will be out soon if it isn’t out already (would have to doublecheck that at some point lol).

      And thanks! Always glad to share books I love 😀


  2. Have you read all the Huff series? Or only Silvered? She’s written a *bunch.* I like her space marine Confederation series, her elemental magic Quarter series, and her grumpy guardians of Hell portals Keeper series. The Wizard of the Grove is probably my favorite short series, with two books. (So, everything, really.) 🙂


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