TTT: Characters for Spinoffs

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Usually I’ve gotten my wish about a few secondary characters who eventually become main characters in companion novels within the same world. For the rest, I go through a ton of fanfiction (or mentally write my own…). And I do tend to love the secondary characters a bit more than the MC, so I’d never say no to spinoffs!

Top Ten Characters I Wish Would Get Their OWN Book

Nealan of Queenscove from the Protector of the Small series (Tamora Pierce). Of all the several secondary characters I want points of view from in the Tortallan universe, Neal is the one I really want (well, George gets a POV boost at some point, and Numair’s getting a book of his own soon, so yeah). I think it also helps that he’s got a mixture of Gary, Alanna, and Duke Baird in him. And I’d totally read the crap out of the aftermath, when he comes back to say hello to Yuki again.

Bran from Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega series (Patricia Briggs). There was a short story about Bran to some effect, but I. Want. More. Maybe one where he goes crazy and his son has to stop him. Maybe one soon after. Maybe even a book about how he got the title of Marrok in the Americas (ooh, that’d be really awesome, actually).

Helena Justina from the Marcus Didius Falco series (Lindsey Davis). – I know her daughter gets a spinoff series, but Helena was always one of my fave secondary females, with a story that can be told outside of Falco’s mysteries. A POV from Helena would be awesome.

Arakasi from The Empire Trilogy (Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts). – One of my favorite spies EVER. Well, actually, I’m pretty sure there is a bit of a focus on him in one of the books (the third one?), but I haven’t read it, and it probably isn’t the type of elaboration I mean. In any case, I’d read a short story on Arakasi any day.

Count Volger from the Leviathan trilogy (Scott Westerfeld). Volger always made me smirk or grin whenever he showed up in Alek’s POV, and he’s kind of a stickler and overprotective anti-hero, but I love him. A POV from him (and what he truly thinks of Darwin’s daughter) would be great.

Silk from The Belgariad and The Mallorean (David Eddings). Yeah, Silk by far has been one of the major reasons why I kept reading The Mallorean. Actually, I’d probably welcome any Drasnian POV, because I always found Silk’s nation a fascinating one.

Po from Graceling series (Kristin Cashore). I imagine a POV narration from Po would certainly be different. To perceive the world as he does with his Grace and lack of sight would make for an interesting take on the world, definitely.

Angela from the Inheritance Cycle (Christopher Paolini). It’s been a while since I’ve read Eragon, and I haven’t picked up the rest of the series (nor is it in my high priority list). What I do remember is that I thought the witch-woman in Eragon seemed pretty cool. I’d totally read a spinoff if it was about her.

Rowena Ravenclaw and the founders of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series (J.K. Rowling). I admit I was one of those people who tried to conjecture the past by writing fanfiction about the founders (I never got far). We got some insight about a few of them by the end of the series, but I’d really love more.

Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings trilogy (J.R.R. Tolkien). One of the most badass human females in the books (actually, she probably is the only badass human female that I know in Tolkien’s world). Miranda Otto’s “I am no man” still gives me pleasure to hear.


9 thoughts on “TTT: Characters for Spinoffs

  1. Yes. Neal, BRAN, Silk, Po, ROWENA, Eowyn – those are the ones I know and recognize. I’ve not read the others. But especially I’d love to read more about Bran. What happened when he went mad, how and when he came to the New World, how he became The Marrok, (how he gets rid of Leah …) – all of it.

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    1. Graceling is a definite to-read for anyone a fan of badass female characters. Actually, it should just be a to-read for anyone who enjoys fantasy in general, lol.


      1. Fantasy + badass female characters are definitely my thing! I’m going to have to move this book to my December TBR.

        Also, since you like fantasy + fierce female characters, you should definitely keep your eye out for Princess of Thorns. I heard it’s pretty epic =)

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  2. Po gets a mini POV in Bitterblue, but it wasn’t near enough. I think he’d make a better narrator that both Katsa and Bitterblue. (I like Bitterblue just fine, but being stuck in the castle with her was boring)

    Rowena would give a unique perspective to the Harry Potter world. I wonder what happened between her and her daughter.

    I didn’t think of Eowyn, she so needs her own book or short story or something.


    1. Yeah, after I read Bitterblue and got a bit of Po in the book, I really wanted more of him from there. The stuff with Skye and Ror and the problems he’s eventually going to face with his Grace just sounds so good to pass up!


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