WeWriWa #1: 15 February 2015

wewriwa8-Sentence Sunday is hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors.

This excerpt is from a short story I’m currently working on that I never finished in time for a romance anthology deadline (maybe a good thing, because then I’ve had the time to think about not using some random pseudonym after all). That said, I plan to finish it, and with changes, it hopefully won’t be something to hide under the mattress!

Consulting on occasional P.I. cases wasn’t what annoyed Sheerin. The money was good. Sometimes, it was even better than what she made on a creative contract. No, it was definitely not the finances that worried her whenever Axel Holloway came calling.

The problem was that Axel knew her secret. And he’d found a way to put it to good use.

“Bet you’re trying to figure out how I got hold of you this time, aren’t you?”

The bastard was also egotistical.

Trying this out for the first time! Blogging is one form of writing, but I needed to get back in gear, and doing a monthly trial basis of posting what I’m currently working on might help my slightly-blocked creative juices rolling. Also, it’s rather timely, considering.

Story Notes: “Sketch” is a short story of a woman reluctantly working with a private detective in order to find a missing girl. While Sheerin has every opportunity to refuse the current assignment, there is vested interest in finding the girl, for the girl has Sheerin’s brand of skill: one that can pull the thoughts out of pictures.

16 thoughts on “WeWriWa #1: 15 February 2015

    1. Oops, ignore that weird comment. I’m reading multiple snippets at once and got a little confused about which one I was commenting on. I meant to say that you’ve created a lovely snippet. Based on it’s quality, this isn’t a story that doesn’t deserve the mattress treatment!


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