WeWriWa #2: 1 March 2015

8-Sentence Sunday is hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors.

Continuing from last time! I planned to do this on a monthly basis, but I think bi-weekly might be better.

This excerpt is from a short story I’m currently working on that I never finished in time for a romance anthology deadline. It follows Sheerin as she walks into the missing girl’s apartment and continues a few scenes after my previous excerpt.

Jenny was a painter. Sheerin should have known the minute her thoughts began to go on overdrive.

Sheerin took one step inside the apartment and froze. She stumbled and tried to steady herself against the wall, the whispers growing louder and louder.

Behind her, Axel swore. He pinned Sheerin to the side with one arm, stepped in, then turned her around to face the closed door, using his back as some sort of thought-shield. She could have told him that physical covering didn’t really help once the thoughts began to worm their way into her mind, but Sheerin was actually grateful for his attempt and said nothing to deter him. She took deep breaths and set the whispers aside while the investigator murmured a gruff apology, his hands pressed tightly on her shoulders.

Story Notes: “Sketch” is a short story of a woman reluctantly working with a private detective in order to find a missing girl. While Sheerin has every opportunity to refuse the current assignment, there is vested interest in finding the girl, for the girl has Sheerin’s brand of skill: one that can pull the thoughts out of pictures.

10 thoughts on “WeWriWa #2: 1 March 2015

    1. Sheerin usually has mental safeguards to keep from an overload taking place, some of them being a high degree of focus and an ability to compartmentalize her thoughts (which she’s learned after years of practice with her ability). It’s not perfect, because if she gets surprised and/or doesn’t have prior knowledge of the environment–which was the case in the excerpt–then she’s more prone to a hearing too many thoughts. Pictures and paintings scream to her, in a literal sense, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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