Of Pi Days and Giveaways


Happy Pi Day! I hope there’s a slice of pie out there for you, whether it’s pizza or pie (or something similar), because today is especially special, since, you know, 3.1415 –> 3/14/15 (the American system of dating makes good use for this particular holiday!). As part of the Pi Day celebration, I also decided to host a giveaway!


yeag2015It’s time for a bigger universe.

Sally Ride, first American woman in space and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, famously said: “Young girls need to see role models in whatever careers they may choose, just so they can picture themselves doing those jobs someday. You can’t be what you can’t see.”

Girls need to read stories where any number of possible roles are modeled for them. Just as importantly, boys need to read stories where girls are active participants in adventures. And children of all colors and backgrounds need to know the future includes them.

About the Book

I have this extra copy lying around in my house and thought I should continue to promote this lovely anthology out to you guys. It also features my story, “Robot Sister Number Phi,” which is probably reason that I hosted a giveaway on Pi Day (nevermind that I’ve written about the Golden Ratio…which technically celebrates its own math-y day on June 18, but that’s too far away!).

So yes. Middle grade. Science fiction. Happy stories. Sad stories. Diverse worlds and characters and robots and flying thingymajigs. Free book (yeah, come on, it calls to you!). Go and sign up for the giveaway! (I will send internationally, too, so don’t worry about all that country stuff).

About the Giveaway

Sign Up for the Rafflecopter Giveaway here!

It’s quick, painless, and easy. And when you’re done, enjoy some pie!


6 thoughts on “Of Pi Days and Giveaways

    1. right. well, went along and clicked things but most often couldn’t reply on them even when invited to reply? Lovely pi, by the way. 😀


  1. Happy Pi day to yourself! xD I don’t suppose a robot can be made out of cookie dough and wearing a Victorian era outfit? That’d be more of a doll, I guess. Maybe it’d be created solely with the use of clock parts, and the exterior would made out of porcelain. But it’ll still have a Victorian era outfit on top of that. <_< So it'd be a very slow and fragile robot, slightly creepy, yet kind of stylish and adorable? Yep, sounds about right. 😀

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