WeWriWa #4: 5 April 2015

8-Sentence Sunday is hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors.

My excerpts for this short are completely out of order at this point, hah. Though with the way I’m treating scenes as I write, the order kind of is malleable at the moment anyway. Eventually I’ll find ways to make all the scenes mesh!

This excerpt is from a short story I’m currently working on that I never finished in time for a romance anthology deadline. Below is pretty much just a romance teaser at this point. (If you can call brief ogling a romance…)

Previous excerpts: [ONE] * [TWO] * [THREE]

Axel stared at her. It wouldn’t be so unnerving if he wasn’t so damn pensive. Try as she might, Sheerin couldn’t help but get the goosebumps. The good, warm, tingly-all-over kind. It happened when he caught her eyes at just the right moment, an unpracticed, instinctual Look that seemed to both question and size up an object in a few seconds whilst making that object squirm under the scrutiny. The fact that Axel was giving Sheerin the Look at such close proximity…well, it was rather distracting. And stifling. Sheerin found she had stopped breathing.

Story Notes: “Sketch” is a short story of a woman reluctantly working with a private detective in order to find a missing girl. While Sheerin has every opportunity to refuse the current assignment, there is vested interest in finding the girl, for the girl has Sheerin’s brand of skill: one that can pull the thoughts out of pictures.

Further Note: My friends can snicker all they want about me and my “bad romances,” but I WILL. PUSH. THROUGH. I SWEAR.

13 thoughts on “WeWriWa #4: 5 April 2015

    1. Oh yes. It very well should remind you of Mr. A, because he’s usually the Alpha I base my Alphas around (not that I have too many of those running around in my stories…)


  1. Ah, who can resist “the Look” especially when it is portrayed so hotly? Yeah, push through and ignore the snickers. Some people don’t “get” romance and that’s their loss.


    1. I admit I do get giggly myself when I try to write the romantic scenes. But I’m glad I’m not the only one finding the Look as quite attractive! Thanks for stopping by.


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