WeWriWa #6: 3 May 2015

8-Sentence Sunday is hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors.

Last snippet for this story! I’ve been working on this one and another children’s sci-fi fairy tale, which needs more immediate attention, so yeah…

This excerpt is from a short story I’m currently working on that I never finished in time for a romance anthology deadline. The passage below takes place right before Sheerin does what she does best: sketch.


His hand tightened on her shoulder, but Sheerin didn’t protest. For a moment, he did nothing. Sheerin wondered whether his hesitation was due to fear that Jenny had already been killed, or fear that he and Sheerin would not be fast enough to make it in time.

“Find her,” he said. Axel leaned over slowly, kissed the back of Sheerin’s neck. “But don’t make me regret asking.”

Sheerin waited until he closed the door to the apartment office. In spite of the warmth creeping up to her cheeks, in spite of the stifling summer heat and the stuffiness of the room, she shivered.

Story Notes: “Sketch” is a short story of a woman reluctantly working with a private detective in order to find a missing girl. While Sheerin has every opportunity to refuse the current assignment, there is vested interest in finding the girl, for the girl has Sheerin’s brand of skill: one that can pull the thoughts out of pictures.

Further Notes: I started writing the more disturbing portions of this story in my brightly-decorated classroom during the lull times on parent-teacher conference night. Honestly, inspiration takes hold at the strangest places.

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