Of Airships and Steamcakes

Another short post! Short because unlike a typical food and fandom post, this work of art was not done by yours truly. Mostly because it was my birthday last Friday and I wasn’t making myself a super-decorated cake. Actually, if it had been solely up to me, this darn cake would have been strawberry shortcake and not all marble-fudgey and steampunky.

So I knew my sister was going to do something steampunk-related, because she had this grand idea in her head from last year. The full extent, however, was much more awesome than I thought, and when I finally saw that she made me my very own steam airship of CAKE AND RICE KRISPIES, I was absolutely floored.

The awesomely detailed gears and wings came from my lovely chocolate molds, and note to self: candy melts actually taste GOOD, contrary to some saying that they are much less fine than regular chocolate. Zorro from the anime One Piece is the captain of this particular ship. Nothing like the Marimo to sail the SS Marilag to the skies!


It was delicious, guys.

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