Mini-Reviews: Frost Burned, Nightingale

I would say I’m in a reading slump right about now, but considering I just hit my Goodreads goal of 52 books for the year, that could very well be an exaggeration. All the same, the past few days I’ve been slowing down on my reading, and then I had the ill luck of getting sick on a slightly busier weekend. So instead of reading, I spent a great deal of time sleeping. Or doing nothing in particular.

Anyway, I did manage to read books the past few weeks that I hadn’t intended to write a review for, but thought a mini-review wouldn’t hurt. In the case of Frost Burned, it’s mostly because it’s book 7 of an ongoing series and I’d be rehashing most of what I love about the series if I reviewed each book. As for Nightingale, that’s just me being lazy. Yep.



Hopefully by next week I’ll get back to the swing of blogging. No promises, though, because NaNo is coming up and I’m already anticipating the mental breakdowns that goes along with it, lol!

5 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews: Frost Burned, Nightingale

    1. Hahaha, yeah, there were several Nightingale books that when I looked this one up, I had to type down the author. This particular book I had to read because it’s by the publishing group that published my first flash fiction ever XD.

      And thanks! I have no idea how I still have months to spare, but I guess it helps that I read like a beast before summertime >_>

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  1. I hope you’ll get out of the slump soon *hands you hugs and cookies*! This is literally the FOURTH time I’ve come across the Mercy Thompson series in the last 2 hours, the universe is giving me SIGNS to read it haha. I have actually finished the first book 2 years ago and adored it, but I obviously need to keep going if the 7th book still manages to get such a good response from you. I tend to get nervous when a series goes beyond 4 books long cos I worry the quality will decline.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been wary about continuing long series because I do get worried they start getting boring for me. Thankfully Mercy Thompson continues to be awesome. And I do think the books get better each time!

      I did start Steelheart the other day! So I am getting back onto the reading swing of things, yes I am.


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