Mini-Reviews: Sin City, Red Sonja

Just another set! I should do these more often with books I didn’t review this year! Well…not too often. Maybe when I don’t have any upcoming blog reviews/topics that I wanted to write about.

This time around, I’ve got some graphic novel goodness! I actually have a couple more Red Sonja comics in my Kindle, which I got from a Dynamite Comics deal at Storybundle. Haven’t read all of the comics I got, but I am on my way to doing them. So maybe I’ll make those mini-reviews. I do feel a little silly doing a mini-review of Big Damn Sin City, since I probably could talk a lot about it, but it’s been a while since I’ve read the whole thing and I’ve already forgotten the mental notes I made about each story (since I erm, neglected to actually write them down).



Yes. I am aware that so far, my mini-reviews have been rated the same. But to be honest, I enjoyed these books with equal fervor! Just not enough to love them entirely, but definitely more than a general like.

2 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews: Sin City, Red Sonja

    1. I went to read it after watching the second movie. To my slight disappointment, the whole thing with Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character was not in the comics. Still, there’s much more Miho involved which was awesome.

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