WeWriWa #9: 15 November 2015

8-Sentence Sunday is hosted by Weekend Writing Warriors.

Has it really been two weeks since I started writing for NaNoWriMo already?! Lawdy, time has certainly flown the coop, and I’m not even halfway through this bedarned novel. *shakes fist at the ludicrously rapidly mating plot bunnies*

The following excerpt continues from last week’s smuggler meeting. Fred and Eirika catch up with their lives, and the former gives the latter a bit of bad news. (I totally tried to get this down to 8 sentences…but 10 totally still counts xD).

“How’s your girlfriend?”

He grimaced. “We’ve hit a bit of an impasse, but I know she’ll come round. How’s your husband?”

She glared, and he laughed, eyeing her plate of half-eaten cheese torte. “Gonna finish that?”

“Get your own,” she snapped.

Frederick Newgate grinned and reached for the plate faster than Eirika could catch him.

“Dammit, Newgate, I’m waiting for someone.”

“My dear Lady Feldyng, you’ll be waiting a long time if you expect Drembly to get here, considering he’s dead.”

Story Notes: Amber and Tourmalines (working title, definitely not the final one) is a story of a black market dealer and her investigation into the untimely deaths of important colleagues. It is also a story of a man down on his luck and resorting to thievery to make ends meet. Only the man’s pretty bad at petty theft, but a rather decent clockmaker. The black market dealer has no problem pointing this out–and involuntarily recruiting him to a life of crime.

15 thoughts on “WeWriWa #9: 15 November 2015

    1. Drembly was a character that my sister loved in a short story I’d written. I told her I killed him off and she got slightly upset lol! Thanks for stopping by 😀


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