WeWriWa #10: 22 November 2015

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Phew, trouble seems to follow Eirika around, or maybe just Fred. Or maybe both. But I suppose they’re all going to have problems one way or another, smuggling villains they are, hee. I may have set something on fire, but I’m secretly a Fire Bender, so we’re going to have to accept that this is in my nature.

This excerpt is in Eirika’s POV. Previous excerpts can be found here and here.

“Man, what’s happening?”

“Watch out, miss,” he said, voice low and deep, “Scorpion comes.”


“No ship’s safe!”

Before she could have him clarify, the worker shook himself from her grasp, hurriedly tipped his own hat at her, and pushed off, not bothering to look back. Eirika growled in frustration and tried to find Fred in the chaos.

It was easier than she thought. The man towered over many people, but it wasn’t his figure that she’d caught first. What she saw was his ship, for The Marchioness was something she’d recognized as if it were her own.

And it was burning.

Story Notes: Amber and Tourmalines (working title, definitely not the final one) is a story of a black market dealer and her investigation into the untimely deaths of important colleagues. It is also a story of a man down on his luck and resorting to thievery to make ends meet. Only the man’s pretty bad at petty theft, but a rather decent clockmaker. The black market dealer has no problem pointing this out–and involuntarily recruiting him to a life of crime.

13 thoughts on “WeWriWa #10: 22 November 2015

    1. Haha, I think I had tension in the brain, especially when I was telling my writing voldies about how to convey it in their stories. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. It’s usually my go-to catastrophe when I feel I need to change the pace up a bit. Well, not necessarily shooting balls of fire onto airships…but fire is a good start. Thanks for stopping by!


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