WeWriWa #11: 29 November 2015

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I might have to break this chapter up, considering there’s just a lot happening with Eirika. Finding out a colleague is dead, having another colleague’s airship bombarded with fire, and now a little bit of a fisticuffs in the middle of a docking bay of all things! That said, she is an action-kind of gal, so why not have an action-filled chapter?

This excerpt will be the last one in Eirika’s POV for the time being. I do want to get on ahead and post about Lan next week. But for now, more on Eirika!

Eirika Feldyng excerpts: ONE * TWO * THREE

Fred’s warning shout caused her to open her eyes, and she ducked before a fist made contact with her face.

Eirika’s attacker was dressed in slim black, from head to toe. A mask adorned its face, and she couldn’t even tell from a quick glance if her assailant was male or female–or automaton, for that matter.

The black-clad person jabbed again, but Eirika was nothing if not trained to defend herself. She stepped back and moved her arm in a quick sweep in an attempt to grab her attacker’s arm and throw him–or her–sideways. There was a grunt, a quick defensive swipe, and a kick toward Eirika’s stomach.

It would have made quite an impact, but Eirika reflexively brought her hands down to stop the kick. She was fast enough to catch and twist, sending her attacker down on the floor, albeit for a very short time. Using both hands, the attacker pushed up and pulled the captured leg out of Eirika’s grasp, then performed several backflips away from her. By the time anyone even realized it, the attacker had propelled toward the short rooftops and disappeared into Old Town.

Story Notes: Amber and Tourmalines (working title, definitely not the final one) is a story of a black market dealer and her investigation into the untimely deaths of important colleagues. It is also a story of a man down on his luck and resorting to thievery to make ends meet. Only the man’s pretty bad at petty theft, but a rather decent clockmaker. The black market dealer has no problem pointing this out–and involuntarily recruiting him to a life of crime.

14 thoughts on “WeWriWa #11: 29 November 2015

  1. This action is so well-described and fluid. I struggle with action sequences and therefore am always on the hunt for solidly executed bits. Hoping if I read enough of them, they will rub off, I guess. Anyway, killer snippet!

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    1. I’ve often struggled with action sequences in the past as well. At some point I physically performed a mock swordfight in the middle of my bedroom (to uncomfortable results, considering I don’t have much space for a swordfight in my bedroom, lmao). I did wind up using the limited space as part of an action sequence I was writing back then, so I guess it worked out?

      And thanks for stopping by!


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