Writing Wednesdays #1: Dragons and Magicians

So on Wednesdays I wear pink host a small writing workshop to a couple of middle grade students. Often I get them to write crazy things, though I haven’t really done much prompt-writing until lately. I started last week, and they seemed to enjoy the prompts, enough that I had one fifth grader coming up to me with five pages of a scifi-fantasy story from a prompt about ghosts hating the color purple. It was glorious. That wasn’t even what my eighth graders came up with, and the two I have are awesome.

Anyway, I figure I’ll use some of my Wednesdays to throw in the writing exercises I did with my kids, because I also choose one of the prompts I put up and write about it. It’s only fair, right?

The prompts I used today:


I ended up writing for only 20ish minutes, but I usually give my kids a good 30-40 minutes of writing time. This was what transpired…

There once was a dragon who was married to a magician.

He didn’t last long, the magician. The minute he’d walked into the cave to see his bride for the first time, he’d run out so fast that the villagers couldn’t chase him back inside. No way was he sacrificing himself for this town. Not to a fire-breathing reptile. He just couldn’t.

But he had made a sworn promise. Just as the previous magician had made a promise. And promises ran deep with magic, deeper than cowardice, deeper than the bindings that kept together man and wife.

He would not be able to escape. Not for long.

And the dragon was waiting.

So he needed a plan. A way to break the bindings. A way to get free.


The dragon was amused.

This magician hadn’t been the first human to get cold feet. He wasn’t even the second or third. She’d been around the block for so long that she’d already lost count of all her reluctant suitors.

But that was a curse for you. Curses were cruel, inconsiderate, and almost permanent.

If any of her magician suitors actually bothered to read the fine print (or in this case, stick around long enough to ask her), they’d know that she was only a dragon until the bindings of marriage were finalized.

And who can honestly finalize wedded bliss when the darn groom kept running the other way?

Well, that was fun to do XD.

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