Happy New Year! Here’s Some Apple Strudel :D

Somewhere in the other side of the world it’s already the onset of 2016, which is pretty awesome. I’ve still got a few hours left to go, but hell, why not end my blogging for 2015 with something delicious?


Yum, apple strudel!

So this isn’t really book-related or anything, though the whole thing with apple-related covers did make me think about baking with apples for the new year. I mean, come on, WinterThe Shadow Queen, I’m not even going to deny that Twilight had a cool apple cover decorating its pages.

And apples are delicious with cinnamon and sugar. And puff pastry.

I totally followed this recipe here and braided pre-made puff pastry that I thawed out and stretched a wee bit. The recipe did say to sprinkle some sugar mixture on top, and I thought about using confectionery/powdered sugar icing, but I love cinnamon, so I went with a cinnamon sugar mix. There wasn’t a time put in the recipe, so I baked it for 15 at 400 degrees F, then for another 5 minutes to get a more crunchy, golden color.

Verdict: Well damn, it tasted better than the apple pie I usually make! I love it because the puff pastry actually cooked through from top to bottom. Yum yum strudel! Definitely a good way to end the year.

See you on the other side!

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