Green Tea Mini Cheesecakes

I seem to want to blow off writing book reviews whenever baking comes to mind. And I baked quite a bit this week, since I wanted to do something for my mother’s birthday. Honestly, why write reviews when you can show off lovely baked goodies, yeah?

Okay, it’s a poor excuse, and it probably tells you how light my reading is at the moment, but what can one do, really?

(BAKE CHEESECAKE, OF COURSE. But that question was rhetorical. Hem hem.)

Yes. That is one ginormous strawberry.

Matcha Mini Cheesecake with Chocolate Covered Strawberries

First off, I got the recipe from Jo Cooks. I didn’t deviate from it, though she does mention that she’d overmixed her cheesecake filling (which accounted for the cracks in her baked mixture). Fortunately, I took that advice in and didn’t go crazy with the mixing, so there were minimal–if any–cracks to be had. Which was awesome, considering cheesecake isn’t really my “thing.”

I also used a regular cupcake mold, because that’s what I had in handy, and the “small” cheesecake pans we had were much too big for the idea at hand.

I did bake the cheesecake at 300F and 21/22 minutes, because the mixture was still wet for me at 20. That was probably the only thing I did differently.

And the strawberries were all varied sizes, so I, er, used the big ones first? Which probably explains why the the poor mini cheesecakes got dwarfed by the strawberries, lol.

I also don’t have anything Food and Fandomy to say about this particular recipe. I totally wish I did, but maybe next bake!


Verdict: I let my mother be the judge, because she’s pretty picky with sweets. She doesn’t like them too sweet. She likes fruits. She likes the color green. She likes green tea. She likes dark chocolate. So, I mean, I suppose the cheesecake couldn’t get any more perfect for her. She loved it. And I will say that you can taste the green tea-ness of it all. Maybe next time I’ll make those darn matcha Oreos that I’ve been craving since my brother brought a few packets back from Japan.

Om nom nom.

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