February Wrap-Up


My reading completely slowed down and went into a standstill this month. I had planned on so many reads, and kind of got in a rut after Fangirl. For good reason. The book was awesome. That said, I also started on a writing spree near the end of the month, so February was a little busy.


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (5 cookies)
The Imitation Game by Jim Ottaviani (3 cookies)
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (3.5 cookies)


Abomination by Gary Whitta
Dangerous Women by G.R.R. Martin
Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder


I started a 365-a-day challenge with creative writing prompts from Think Written and so far, I’m on Day #10! It’s been an interesting ride, considering I mostly do little drabbles, some of which involve my steampunk story and others are just me having a bit of writing fun (including a set of limericks about penguins). This might actually be beneficial for me, and I’ll see how long I last before I start banging my head against a wall, haha.

2/19/16 – “Vessel” – Amber and Tourmalines steampunk excerpt (Eirika versus the silkway)
2/20/16 – “Dancing” – Amber and Tourmalines steampunk excerpt (Eirika versus dancing)
2/21/16 – “Food” – Amber and Tourmalines steampunk excerpt (Nemi and the Onion)
2/22/16 – “Eye Contact” – Amber and Tourmalines steampunk excerpt (a smuggler meets Eirika)
2/23/16 – “Rocket-ship” – Mass Effect fanfiction (Shakarian because it’s just…just)
2/24/16 – “Dream” – Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfiction (Zutara because this pairing is everything)
2/25/16 – “Animal” – Limericks of penguins
2/26/16 – “Friendship” – Amber and Tourmalines excerpt (Eirika versus friendship)
2/27/16 – “Dragons” – How a girl falls in love with a good dragon and gives birth to a bad one


“Sketch” – (Excerpt 1) – I swear I’m almost done with this story. I just have issue with how I want things to end without turning this into a novella.

Amber and Tourmalines – I’m on-again-and-off again working on this. I WILL GET DONE THIS YEAR I WILL. I WILL.


The Hateful Eight – Very reminiscent of his older work, Reservoir Dogs. Lots of different lines that made me laugh, though.

Joy – Crazy family life, but good for Joy. Good for her!

Spotlight – Who knew a little bit of investigative journalism could be filmed so intensely? I loved this movie, even though it did get me pretty disturbed.

Room – Just give Brie all the Oscars. GIVE IT ALL TO BRIE.

Creed – I’m not a boxing person, and a boxing movie isn’t something I’m into either. So this movie was kind of lost on me.

The Danish Girl – Vikander was pretty awesome, as was Redmayne. But I kind of expected Redmayne to be stellar anyway.

Revenant – I want to see DiCaprio win as much as the next person, but I got so bored with this movie. I fell asleep in the middle of it, and DiCaprio has done so much better.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Talk about girl power. This movie has many classes of female kicking ass: pregnant, old, and crippled. Definitely action-packed and shit.

The Martian – Probably my favorite of the bunch of Oscar-related movies I’ve watched these past two months. Damon was hilarious and I cannot wait to read the book.


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – I watched the first few episodes and was a bit indifferent about the show. I did re-watch it with fresher eyes and I am super-loving it right now. I mean, really, what’s not to love in a sexually liberated ’20s private detective with several hot men in line to capture her heart?

Jessica Jones – JEEEEESSSICAAAAAA. Fabulous end to the season. Cannot wait for more.


Mass Effect 2 – I’m a little upset that a situation in Mass Effect 3 didn’t turn out as planned. So naturally, I started ME2 all over again. I know. I am a complete nerd.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Also started playing this now that I’ve gone back home. I WILL HAVE YOU, DREAD WOLF.


Green Tea Mini Cheesecake – My mother’s birthday came with it an occasion to bake goodies!


Yay science! – We’re getting closer and closer to the First Contact War with the Turians. Make this happen soon, plsthx XD

Assassin’s Creed takes a step back – I have yet to play Syndicate, but I am liking that they’re going to wait a little longer to produce a new AC game. I wasn’t interested in Unity, and everything after Ezio’s trilogy was a little annoying for me, so yeah.

“Eighth” Harry Potter Book whooooo – The level of excitement is real, guys. It’s SO REAL.

Sherlock Season 4 in Wales – Anyone live nearby and want to fangirl? Anyone? ANYONE?!

RIP Harper Lee – 😦

So yeah, light on the reading, but still lots to do!


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