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I’m not sure what to make of this TTT, only because I think humor is pretty darn subjective. My kind of funny or laugh-out-loud situation could be entirely different from someone else’s idea of what’s humorous, but anyway, here’s my two cents.

I tend to laugh almost as easily as I tend to cry in books. This is especially true whenever two characters start a bit of sassy bantering with each other, or when the protagonist’s voice is more on the light-hearted, sarcastic end of the spectrum. For what it’s worth, the books I’ve listed below have made me laugh multiple times.

And er…I went a little overboard when I wrote this…

Top “Ten” Books That Will Make You Laugh (or at least chuckle)

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness – I admit I wasn’t as crazy over this book as I thought I would be, though I did end up liking it lots. This was an interesting book in any case, though admittedly a lot of the humor is tongue-in-cheek and based highly on cleverly-written metaphors. Metaphors that still make me giggle just thinking about.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – Just about every conversation Reagan has with Cath, really. Just about half the conversation Levi has with Cath, really. You know what, even Cath was friggin’ hilarious.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler – My list about funny voices would be sorely incomplete without Amy Poehler in it. Yes Please isn’t my typical go-to book (non-fiction isn’t usually something I make my way to want to read) but it seriously helped that the audiobook is narrated by the author herself.

Bossypants by Tina Fey – Same deal as with Yes Please, only this one was narrated by Tina Fey, my goddess of comedy. She also makes a fantastic narrator, and I often laughed out loud listening to the audiobook.

Jinn and Juice by Nicole Peeler – Jinn and Juice was just humorous in general, not so much because of banter, but because of the character personalities in the book. Well, honestly, I’m pretty sure the drag queen alone took up the entire book’s personality, but I’m probably biased to the fact that I liked her way too much as a character.

One Piece series by Oda Eiichirou – Looking through my book list just reminded me that I really should go back to reading manga. A lot of manga has made me laugh before, and One Piece is the king of all things silly-funny. It’s one of the reasons I’ve managed to read over fifty volumes of this series. Which reminds me, I should catch up to the latest volumes…

Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori – I just cannot with this series. There’s something to be said about a reverse harem high school romance that doesn’t take itself seriously. And yet, I cannot help loving the characters and unrealistic situations and just overall awesomeness of the story that starts to take shape in later volumes.

The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – I thought about trying to pinpoint a book from this series, but I’m still on a Lunar Chronicles high and the banter in the books is just GOLD. Whether the conversation is taking place between Cinder and Kai or Thorne and Cinder or, hell, any of the characters sassing each other, really, I can’t help but chuckle or start grinning widely. Marissa Meyer is Queen of Grin-Inducing Conversations, ones which often made me laugh, which has been a constant throughout all four books.

Saga series by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staple – If there’s ever a Western comic series that’s made me burst into tears of laughter, it’s definitely Saga. There’s just a lot to take in reading this series, and often the humor sucker punches you between one panel to the next. Great stuff.

Just about every Terry Pratchett book out there. To be honest, I must have laughed in every Pratchett novel I’ve read so far. The four books I’ve featured are my favorites of the Discworld series that I’ve read so far, and I could re-read them over and over again and still find a lot of the things in there laughable.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy” by Douglas Adams – Okay. I couldn’t end this TTT without mentioning the ever-hilarious Douglas Adams and his ever-awesome Hitchhiker’s series. That said, I would probably only include the first three books (what I consider the true trilogy) in my list because I was largely underwhelmed by the fourth book, and I couldn’t bring myself to read the fifth, which I understood was him writing when he was at a low point in his life. That all said, reading the first three books is worth every funny bone in anyone’s body. Not to mention the fact that he’s pretty effing quotable in all things relating to life, the universe, and everything.

In any case, what books tickle YOUR fancy?


13 thoughts on “TTT: Funny Books

  1. Humour is so subjective. Something which I find hilarious … someone else finds boring and/or terribly mundane. 😀 I’m very glad to find Pratchett on your list. His most hilarious book, though, isn’t there! (Good Omens)(At least I found it hilarious … one of the ones I laughed so much I cried.) Thanks for the reminder of Douglas Adams. I re-read the first book a week or two ago and just now went to my bookshelf and got The Restaurant at the end of the Universe to continue on with the series. Your first book listed – I found it sad. No idea why. Haven’t read anything else you list until Cinder. Um. *skips blithely on* And of course you had to include Moist. Thanks for the additional book recommendations — need to see if the library has them!


  2. Lol the Patrick Ness book had quite a bit of sad in it, yeah, but I did find the random bouts of humor funny (the entire concert scene I just could not deal with, I was chuckling quite a bit there).

    I thought about including Good Omens, but weirdly enough the one that slayed me with laughter the most was Moving Pictures, all because the movie references were ridiculous and fantastic. And, yes, of couuuurse a Moist book had to be added in there.


    1. Fangirl wasn’t haha funny intentionally I don’t think, but Reagan as a character often made me chortle with the things she said. But yeah, it’s always fun to see how people react to a scene.


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