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Er, I’m probably cheating for half of these because I’ve gone to these places BECAUSE of book-related things. Or, well, writing-related things. Or, you know, word-related things. But hey, these websites are not ENTIRELY about books, so they count, right?

Ten Websites That I Love That Aren’t ENTIRELY About Books

Hah, okay, fine. This one is totally about books, the twist being that you don’t necessarily buy books here. Mostly I put this up because it’s a place I occasionally visit just to see their lovely tote bags and posters (which pretty much is a graphic depiction of some 200 or so books using their text–which is AWESOME). I mean, honestly, half of those posters I want hanging in my bedroom, because they’re just so darn pretty. And apparently there’s a Kickstarter closing out soon that includes the addition of book-text infinity scarves… *twitches* WANT.

Society 6
I’ve been browsing this super-artsy place because of Evie Seo’s bookish designs. Like, seriously, I want ALL OF THE THROW PILLOWS. Well, not all of them, but I’ve been eyeing the A Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Cinder, and A Darker Shade of Magic ones, because because. I’ll wait until I’ve read Six of Crows, though, because those throw pillows look good, too… (clearly I’m already rethinking my bedroom stuff…).

Okay, first non-bookish thing here! Yay! So I’m an on-again off-again knitter, and this website is practically golden. Granted, it doesn’t always have the pattern I want to use, but it’s pretty comprehensive, since a bunch of the stuff links outside of the website. It also has some geek-related patterns, like the Mass Effect scarf and some Harry Potter book scarves/marks. Also, one might need an account to be able to see the knitting patterns.

Hah. Yeah. I used to use this site to upload pictures of food and knitting from my blog, but it’s kind of just boiled down to me pinning baking recipes, fandom-related pictures (which I often send to friends so we can giggle and swoon together), and preschool arts and crafts. That’s pretty much what encompasses my Pinterest activities.

Brown Eyed Baker
One of my favorite baking bloggers ever. EVER. ‘Nuff said.

Think Written
I’ve been going here a lot lately because this is where I pull my writing prompts when I don’t particularly have a goal. I haven’t done much of the prompts so far, only because I’ve actually been working on two short stories–and my novel–this past month or two. That said, when I want to take a break from the “heavy” stuff, I jot down a prompt and write some lovely fanfiction!

Archive of Our Own
Which brings me to two of my favorite fanfiction websites, hah! Actually, this one’s been my go-to place lately, because kind of has an overglut of fanfiction and is much harder to filter out particular stories. AO3 uses tagging as a way to filter out stories, and that works wonders. Also, I can actually download certain stories onto my Kindle so I can read them offline! Score!

Which isn’t to say that I don’t visit anymore. I still do, because honestly, there are a bunch of really good fic in that have yet to be transferred to AO3 (here’s looking at you, several Mass Effect writers…). If anything, I think anime-related fanfiction has a better hold on than it does on AO3, and occasionally, I get out of my book and/or video game-related addiction in order to read some anime-related fanfic.

Sinister Soles
I was kind of sad that I lost the use of Clockwork Couture (which had been my go-to steampunk regalia site), but I suppose Sinister Soles has nice steampunky-looking shoes. That said, I haven’t actually bought anything from them, considering I’ve already got a few vintage lace shoes from CC. All the same, I feel like if I do decide to purchase another set of steampunk shoes, I’d go here.

Geeky Teas
Aaaaand lastly, tea. Because I love tea. And short of heading to Alice’s Tea Cup (which, to be honest, is usually my first choice), I’m always looking for interesting types of tea packaging. Geeky teas being one of them. This one has cute names for teas, in any case.

Right. So. What are your “not-entirely-about-books” go-to places?

2 thoughts on “TTT: Non-Book Websites

  1. Yeees for AO3 and! I used to spend hours every day reading fanfiction, and I think I agree that anime fanfiction are better on FFN just because it’s an older site with way more writers. I’ll also be checking out Geeky Teas and Brown-Eyed Baker, thanks for sharing them!

    Here’s my TTT, if you’re interested. 🙂

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    1. I still go through periods of time where I’m on a fanfic-binge, and it’s insane how much I read of a fandom compared to the books I’m reading at that particular time. Love it.


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