Mini-Reviews: Fair Game, Magi

Talk about rating two different types of stories on the opposite sides of the rating spectrum! I’m slowly catching up to my Patricia Briggs addiction, hence me jumping into book 3 of the Alpha and Omega series. I was quite taken by it, may I add. I also just finished the last set of manga I’d borrowed from the library, though unlike the ones I’d read previously, this one I wasn’t so enamored with and could probably spend all day ranting about. But I’ll just let my mini-reviews speak for themselves.



6 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews: Fair Game, Magi

    1. Yeah, I couldn’t really fault the artwork because it was cute. It did lead me to believe that it was a kid-version of Arabian Nights. Not so much after reading it, though.

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  1. Gwyn Ap Lugh
    Just that, so no spoiling for those who haven’t read it. Never thought it possible that Anna and Charles would be (what is the word? outshone?) outshone in their own story. But … Gwyn Ap Lugh.

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