Mini-Reviews: Dead Heat, Fire Touched

This is me polishing off the last set of mini-reviews that I meant to do for May. Yay catching up!

I went on a Briggs-fest a couple weeks back, and now I’ve completely run out of Mercy Thompson-universe books. Which means I’m going to have to find another light urban fantasy to start reading sometime soon, because at the moment my reading list consists of books that are taking me forever to finish (not that they’re necessarily horrid books. A bunch of them are pretty good…just rather lengthy *coughDAMNYOUBRANDONSANDERSONcough*).

Anyway, I had initially planned to do a full review of Fire Touched but realized that it wasn’t so feasible, as most of it will end up with me trying to rehash what’s happened in the last eight or so books so far. Also, it would mean having to go through what’s been happening in the Alpha and Omega series as well, since that’s really where all the fae troubles began (starting in Fair Game). That all said, I did love Fire Touched, and Dead Heat was terribly good as a follow-up of Fair Game. All the same, a lot of shmat go down in Fire Touched, and the culmination brought about such a good story. I pretty much spent most of my time reading it sending messages of “OMFG THAT HAPPENED” to my friend, who’d read the book before I did. Craziness, guys.

Note: It’s probably best to read Dead Heat before Fire Touched, because if you’re like me and read them out of order, there is the potential to get a bit confused–and spoiled–to the events that happened prior to its corresponding novels.

Anyway, the reviews!



As I said, I’ve kind of run out of Mercy Thompson to read. Which means I’m going to need another urban fantasy to help stem my sheer need for the next MT and A&O installment.

Do YOU have any light and maybe slightly steamy urban fantasy recommendations?

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