June Wrap-Up


Vacaaaaaation! Which means Mari idles lots. Well. No. Lie. It just means Mari gets to do a lot of random things she normally doesn’t do on a school-day. Like sit around contemplating what best to bake. Or staring at the computer screen in hopes that writing gets done at some point. Or, failing that and choosing to procrastinate instead,  driving from supermarket to supermarket in search of ingredients you wouldn’t normally find in other places. So yeah. Stuff got done?


Go figure I’m caught up with reviews in May but have more to get done for June. Not that all of the stuff I’ve read is getting reviewed. Some of them were rated at 2/5 so I might just put them as mini-reviews at some point.

The Rose & the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh (5 out of 5 cookies)
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline (4 out of 5 cookies)
The Dragon Round by Stephen S. Power (3 out of 5 cookies)
Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley (3.5 out of 5 cookies)
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (2 out of 5 cookies)
The Assassin Game by Kirsty McKay (2 out of 5 cookies)
Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 2 by Jinsei Kataoka (3 out of 5 cookies)
Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 3 by Jinsei Kataoka (4 out of 5 cookies)
Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 4 by Jinsei Kataoka (3 out of 5 cookies)


The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith
The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (Halfway there. GOD THIS IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER)
Jade Dragon Mountain by Elsa Hart
Blood of the Earth by Faith Hunter


Not much, unless you’re counting a ton of different shorts and drabbles that I ended up penning because my head works in weird ways.

I do have some little happy news about another short story getting sold! But that news may wait until much later, once the anthology itself is well under way.

As usual, I have been working on my steampunk sandbox, but it is slow-going. Hopefully I’ll get into the swing of things in July. I have decided to sequester myself for the most part into just writing beginning next week. So let’s hope.


Elizabeth – Because Cate Blanchett and I have being queen in common. Obvi.

Watership Down – Because rabbit adventures.

Jurassic Park 1, 2, 3, and World – I may have had a dinosaur kick the past few weeks. Which may explain why I ended up watching all three Jurassic Park movies and Jurassic World. Yay dinosaurs!

The Sandlot – Because future engineers start at baseball retrieval.

Spotlight – Apparently there were five minutes of the movie I’d never seen before. So that distracted me quite a bit, even though I was supposed to be writing.

Grease: Live – ‘Cause summer lovin’ had me a blast. I am now an Aaron Tveit believer, guys.


Outlander – Siiiiing me a sooooooooong of a lass that is goooooone…gods. I am suffering massive Outlander withdrawal right now. More Jamie Fraser now, pls.

Game of Thrones – That last episode was pretty damn explosive. Har de har. But C, why u include my Ts tho? Sadface. Anyway, every time I watch this season, I just think:

Because hellooooo, strong–and maybe slightly psychotic–female characters.

One-Punch Man – This anime has no plot. But hey, the title says it all. Every villain is ended with one damn punch.

Black Mirror – I saw one of these episodes a while back and they’re pretty creepy and fascinating. So I’ll continue it.


The Witcher 2 – So I never played the first game, but I was told I wasn’t missing much even if I didn’t. So I jumped straight into the second game. It’ll be a slow-going playthrough though.

Fallout 4 – I should not be surprised that the ending was anticlimactic. I still want to make a new file anyway…

Batman: Arkham Knight – I was introduced to the Batmobile, guys. I AM NEVER GIVING IT BACK.


Food and Fandom: Pistachio Almond Cake with Butterscotch Honey Glaze


Lemon Cookies with “Red Viper” shots – This was totally for Game of Thrones night.

“Aloha” bread with butter and blackberry jam – My dad isn’t a sweets-person, but he does like bread. So I totally doused pineapple juice into my bread dough and voila! I think I should have added more pineapple juice, to be honest, but there it is.


Other posts I made in June:

Comment Challenge Part 2
Top Ten Tuesday: Mid-Year Favorites
Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Assassins
Outlander Tag


More Sims body type decisions to come – I didn’t play much of Sims 4 to be honest, but I had complained a wee bit about the fact that a female Sim could wear Twi’lek costumes but NOT Darth Vader ones (and vice versa). Why can’t either gender wear both?! D:

Ninja Warrior…T-Rex?! – Just…this is epic, you guys.

Wicked musical gets its movie – YES FINALLY I WANT THIS NOW.

Supergirl gets a Superman – Well helloooooo, Superman. I should start watching this show.

Draco Malfoy joins the cast of The Flash – I’m super-behind on Arrow and The Flash, but mahgoh. Felton loveliness!

Mass Effect Andromeda fest! Can 2017 get here already? Lots of goodies to prepare, though, including a set of ME novels that’s supposed to bridge the gap between the original trilogy and its sequel.

4 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up

    1. I do recommend TR&TD to anyone looking for a more exotic fantasy. It’s got all the kind of things I loved about YA fantasy (including romance hijinks, haha). I don’t normally read scifi (though I adore playing, watching, and writing it), but Ready Player One was certainly fabulous.

      And yep. Dinosaurs are awesome.


    1. Haha, I’m here waiting for Supergirl to get on Netflix so I can start binge-watching. And can’t wait to see what you thought of Rose and the Dagger! I loved the duology to bits 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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