TTT: Books Under 2,000 Ratings


I did something similar to this a couple years back, with books that I thought were underrated at less than 10,000 ratings in Goodreads. Maybe one or two might overlap, but for the most part, there are stark differences. These books were lovely.

Top Ten Books With Under 2,000 Ratings in Goodreads

Maledicte by Lane Robins – A book about a girl who poses as a boy in order to save the boy she loves from crazy noble kidnappers. Oh, and said girl pretty much sells her spirit to the goddess of vengeance. Yeah, Maledicte is a little cray that way. But I loved her, cray and all.

The Silvered by Tanya Huff – I am always surprised that this has so little ratings. I absolutely loved this book, and it has much of the elements in fantasy that I’ve always wanted. And, werewolves. And, magic.

The Steampunk Bible edited by Jeff VanderMeer – I just love the layout of this book, and I often go to it as a sort of beginner’s reference to steampunk. At this point, though, I’ve learned a little more, so it’s not enough just to have this book if you want to know about steampunk, but it is beautiful to own.

Inside the Walls of Troy by Clemence McLaren – Alright, as an ickle, I absolutely loved this book. If I read this again, I’d probably say that I only love the second half of the book. Like many books that portray Helen of Troy, Inside the Walls of Troy has a Helen POV at the first half of the book. I remember whizzing through it and liking it enough, but I never warmed up to Helen. Cassandra, on the other hand, has an awesome POV, and I always sympathize with the unbelieved prophetess.

Corsets & Clockwork edited by Trisha Telep – This is probably one of my favorite anthologies when I first started reading anthologies. Steampunk loveliness and authors I had to look up soon after!

The Secret of Dragonhome by John Peel – Also another goodie I read when I was younger. Dragons and X-men like superpowers and did I mention draaaagons? Yeah.

Titanic: The Long Night by Diane Hoh – There were a couple of years where I was on a Titanic kick, and I’d read this book on top of a Nancy Drew-Hardy Boys crossover version. This was one of my favorite fictional retellings, hands down.

Jane Austen Cover to Cover by Margaret C. Sullivan – As an Austenite, yes to this.

The Sexual History of London by Catharine Arnold – I have no excuse for this book. Only that I was totally doing um, research. Yeah. This was all historical research. Quite interestingly written, mind.

Weapons & Fighting Techniques of the Medieval Warrior by Martin J. Dougherty – Okay, this was most definitely research. The book was laid out quite well, actually, and it had DIAGRAMS OF BATTLES. I think my only regret was that it was mostly focused on medieval battle tactics of Western Europe. Most of Eastern Europe–and the Eastern nations, really–were not featured, which was a shame, because those were the places i really wanted to see.

What were YOUR underrated books?

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    1. Thanks! And yes, both tend to go into the darker side of fantasy, but the worldbuilding was so nicely done on both fronts. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them too! 🙂

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