Mini-Reviews: The Shadow of the Wind, The Assassin Game

Honestly, neither book clicked with me, and maybe I’ll attribute it to my not being in the mood and suffering from previous book hangovers. But if I reread these two again at a later time, I probably wouldn’t change my mind about them.

Unpopular opinion time! I’ve had Zafon’s book on my TBR for years and maaaaybe if I still adored the writing of classics, I might have loved this book. The style is definitely there, and it was recommended to me with great praise. So I eventually picked up an audiobook version. Sometimes characters made me laugh, but overall, I got bored halfway through, and I just gave up listening to it over something better.


As for The Assassin Game (an e-copy copy of which was provided generously to me by NetGalley), I was just disappointed, short and simple. The MC drove me nuts, her romantic interest drove me nuts, and the game–which should have been the best part of the book–was a lackluster, over-dramatized version of Assassin, without the actual assassinating. Which took the fun out of the book entirely.


Have you read either book? What did you think?

2 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews: The Shadow of the Wind, The Assassin Game

  1. I’d definitely like to try The Shadow of the Wind some time, but I have heard similar things about The Assassin Game. Probably won’t try that one. Either way, I wish you had a better experience with them.


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