Mini-Reviews: Deadly Class, The Exile

Some graphic novel loveliness here! One’s about a high school for assassins and the other is a romp in the Scottish Highlands with my favorite Frasers ever.



Have you read either of these? What did you think?

5 thoughts on “Mini-Reviews: Deadly Class, The Exile

  1. Haven’t read either of those. But I love the 80s, so that would be fun for me!! Partly because it’s when I grew up. 🙂 I don’t read manga/graphic novels that much either. I want to read the Outlander series, but the books are so big and I have so many other books to read that I just keep putting it off. Great reviews!

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    1. Yeah, I had to listen to the audio book for Outlander, because I couldn’t get into reading it. Surprisingly enough, this is one series I prefer to listen to and watch.


    1. I love Murtagh in the show, too! Yeah, I found the companion novel sitting on a shelf at the library so I definitely had to yoink it off the shelves, haha.


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