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I haven’t done a TTT in the longest time. But I figure since Fall TV is coming back, and I have so many shows to catch up to already, it’s about time to do a twist on the Top Ten Tuesday. I feel like if these fictional characters discovered TV, they’d totally be addicted to particular shows. Some of them will probably even binge them in a couple of nights.

Ten Fictional Television Bingers

Once Upon a TimeSharhzad (The Wrath & the Dawn)
All those different fairy tales and the cornucopia of characters that can be followed! This is definitely Shazi’s show, and she could even replenish the tales she can tell to Khalid when she’s in a storytelling mood.

Gotham/The Flash/Arrow/SupergirlDavid (Steelheart), Eleanor and Park (Eleanor & Park)
Alright, these three would probably watch the superhero shows for different reasons. I’m pretty sure David’s watching the shows as research into the inner workings of metahumans, just so he can obliterate the ones in his world. Meanwhile, grown-up Eleanor and Park would watch and geek out over the shows, even comparing them to the comic books that they’d read while they were teenagers.

Criminal MindsVictor Vale (Vicious)
I don’t know why Vale comes to mind for this particular show. Actually, yeah, I do. Criminal Minds is all about catching criminals by delving into their psyche. Victor is nothing if not a good reader of people, and he’d probably be interested in the methods of crime the show portrays. He’ll probably find some of the crimes distasteful, but he won’t shirk away from the crimes, either.

Grey’s AnatomyKaladin (The Way of Kings)
I sort of giggle at this. Kal would definitely find this show frivolous and absolutely horrifying in a medical level, but it’s the type of aimless medical soap opera that he probably wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off. Syl would probably be perched by his shoulder, asking Kal if any of the medical procedures were right. I can totally imagine him scoffing, murmuring under his breath about what’s wrong with the infirm, and wondering why he’s still sitting around watching the drivel. Guilty pleasure, Kal. Guilty. Pleasure.

Big Bang TheoryCress and Cinder (Lunar Chronicles)
Actually, I feel like the entire Rampion gang would be dragged into watching this show from time to time, but Cress and Cinder would probably stick around longer. Cress being the biggest geek ever would adore the show, and Cinder is a closet nerd. She just hides it better, but she knows when Cress comes along and looks at her with those pleading eyes, she’d probably sigh and follow along.

How to Get Away with MurderKylar Stern (The Way of Shadows)
Not that Kylar needs any more help, with his stellar wetboy mentor critiquing his every kill. That said, Kylar might watch this one, horrified that people were trying too hard to get it right, but doing it wrong anyway. I can imagine Durzo dragging Kylar away from the TV and yelling about poisons to learn, hah.

The Vampire DiariesSimon Snow and probably Baz (Carry On)
Netflix and chill, Simon Snow! *snickers* I do see this happening. In fact, I can see the conversation right now.

“Baz. Baaaaaz. This one’s about vampires.”

“What madness are you on about now, Snow?” Baz says with his typical sneer. “Why on earth would I want to watch a show about vampires?”

Simon eyes Baz with a pleading look. “They’re your people.”

And cue Baz resignation amidst his glaring.

SurvivorKatniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games), Tobias Eaton (Divergent)
Oh come on. You totally know this is exactly the type of show they’d watch, because it’s got all the thrill without any of the threat. Sure, the players are marooned in the middle of bumblefudge, but nobody’s dead at the end of it. Katniss may be more reluctant to watch this because trauma, but I can see her being amused at the stakes. Tobias might just watch this and wonder at the resourcefulness of the show.

Doctor WhoClaire and Jaime Fraser (Outlander)
Time traveling done right, amiright, Claire? The show would totally give Claire many ideas of time travel, and if she could, she’d probably steal her own TARDIS to make the journey back to Jaime. That’d make her the Time Lord and Jaime the companion, but hey, it can happen.

Downton AbbeyAdam Hauptman and Mercy Thompson (Mercy Thompson)
Considering how these two get into too much trouble without any help, Downton Abbey is the sort of thing that would probably be relaxing. Adam’s not a fiction type of guy, and Mercy likes her history, so a period drama with clever Britishisms sounds about right. Adam won’t admit it, but he’s totally crushing over Dowager Countess Crawley (Maggie Smith) and her sass. Mercy totally knows, though, and she’d be crushing on her, too.

SherlockMarianne Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility)
Oh, Marianne. I feel like she’d be fascinated by the fast-talking Cumberbatch and would probably romanticize the idea of being Sherlock’s Watson. Geeky is the new sexy, and Marianne is not only a romantic, but the type of girl who’d find a riveting conversation to be the best company. Honestly, I think she’d be thrilled at the episode with Irene Adler as a dominatrix. Just saying.

I had way too much fun coming up with some of these…

What fictional character do YOU think would binge-watch a TV show?

4 thoughts on “TTT: Fictional TV Bingers

    1. Thanks! And haha, yeah, I’ve actually not gotten very far with Downton Abbey, though not because it’s uninteresting. I just got sidetracked by all the other TV shows I’ve been watching, one of which was me binge-watching Criminal Minds…

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