Of Hogwarts and Harry Potter Stories


I found this tag at Lauren @ Always Me and I couldn’t resist! I mean, who hasn’t made up his or her own Hogwarts story at some point or other? After having my own Hogwarts persona for over ten years (probably closer to fifteen now, haha), this tag is a walk in the park and a fun one to do!

1. Are you a Pure-Blood, Half-Blood, or a Muggle-Born?

As Muggle-born as Hermione, thank you very much!

2. Which wand chose you?


According to Pottermore, my wand is 11 3/4 inches, sycamore and phoenix feather, with surprisingly swishy flexibility. A curious and adventurous wand, apparently.

3. Did you take an owl, cat, rat, or toad with you?

I suppose I would’ve taken a cat. Preferably one with purple eyes. Preferably one named Faithful. Uh, I mean, you know what, I’d take a cat.

4. Where did the Sorting Hat put you?

Always Ravenclaw 😀

5. What House did you want to be in?

I don’t think any of the sortings have sent me anywhere but Ravenclaw, though I sometimes do get close to being thrown into Slytherin. I’ve got an inner Draco Malfoy inside of me. 😀

6. What lessons are your favorite and least favorite?

My favorite would be Potions, because I’ve always liked chemistry in school. Though I suppose Arithmancy would have been great, too. Least favorite, hmm. Probably Divination.

7. The form your patronus takes is a…

A dragon. Because why the hell not.

8. When confronted with a Boggart what does it look like for you?

A horribly awful “Your writing is really bad” rejection letter. I could Riddikulus it to the point where the letter is filled with grammatical errors. Hah, take that, rejection!

9. Do you partake in any school sports or magical hobbies?

*swings beater bat* Quidditch. Well, the online version of Quidditch where Harry Potter trivia is involved.

10. If you have free time where would you find yourself hanging out?

Take me to the library!

11. You are most likely to get a detention for what?

Hexing people for dog-earing library books. The nerve of these witches and wizards!

12. What career do you want after leaving Hogwarts?

Hogwarts professor. I’d probably come back to teach Muggle Studies or, hell, Potions.

I tag EVERYONE for this, because I want to see your answers! Yes. 😀

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