Of Wonderland-Themed Owl Crates

Alright, I admit I have been a pretty horrid blogger lately, especially on the commenting and reading department. This may have been due to a mix of NaNo, work, and upcoming holiday stress. The last three months of my calendar year is often mixed with the abovementioned, and on top of that, I’m winding down and reflecting on what’s happened during the course of the year.

That said, reflections are for later, this post is about a bit of self-indulgent shopping.

Which takes me to the Owl Crate.


I had heard about Owl Crate a month or two back, when I was browsing Loot Crates and realized that not only was there one tailored specifically for video games, but there was one for books as well. Owl Crate works on monthly subscriptions, and every month, it sends out a small box filled with a new YA book along with other goodies that correspond to a monthly theme. When I saw November’s theme of Wonderland, I was sure of two things:

  1. That Heartless was totally going to be the featured book of the Crate.
  2. That I HAD to get it.


I was not disappointed by my prediction and the goodies. The Heartless book had been in my sights since I’d heard about it last year, and I missed my chance at a Marissa Meyer signing a few weeks back, so this was a good investment solely because OMG THAT HARDCOVER.


It’s a beautiful cover inside and out, let me tell ya.

Anyway, that wasn’t the only thing I’d gotten from the crate.


Just…the swag is lovely. Super-lovely. Awesomely lovely. It was worth trying a subscription out.

And while I’m still deciding whether to do this rarely and only on a month I really like the theme for, the next month’s theme is “Epic,” and is looking like a fantasy-based YA epic…which means I may just have to purchase an order of that, too! Ugh…my poor budget!

5 thoughts on “Of Wonderland-Themed Owl Crates

  1. Haha Mari, I feel like we all need to splurge from time to time with bookish things. 😛 I know I’m planning to over the holiday season!

    That exclusive hardcover is soooo gorgeous! I liked Heartless, but I wasn’t planning on buying it… until now. I mean, that inverted coloring is awesome! I actually like it more than the original cover haha. Hope you enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is pretty! I actually liked the original hardcover, but when I saw the inverted coloring on this edition, I fell in love.

      And yes. Holiday splurge coming up!


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