TTT: Bookish Thanks

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I have a lot to be thankful for, bookish-wise and non-bookish-wise. Mostly I’m thankful that I’ve been able to manage this blog, albeit with its usual slowness in the last few weeks. Also thankful that the ladies at The Broke and the Bookish continue to churn out lovely prompts and activities (like their TBTB Secret Santa) for us bloggers to participate in!

But enough of that, onto the Top Ten Tuesday:

Top Ten Bookish Things To Be Thankful For


Victoria Schwab. Oh yes. I am thanking Victoria Schwab for the books I’ve read of hers this year. The jury is still out on my top ten reads of the year, but she easily became my favorite author to follow updates-wise the moment I fell head over heels in love with A Gathering of Shadows. Seriously, it’s that big a deal. Thank you, Schwab, for making me squee on buses, on trains, with friends, and on social media.


The Lunar Chronicles. Anyone who’s known me for long enough is aware that I have a deep-rooted love for fairy tales and fairy tale retellings. I’d known about The Lunar Chronicles since Cinder came out, but it was only this year that I truly got immersed into the series itself. Which was a good thing, because late last year, the final installment of the series came out. And I got to read it all without waiting impatiently for the next one. And let me tell you, science fiction and fairy tales? Can totally be done and done well.


Books of Wonder. This is the loveliest place ever, and while I do prefer grabbing my books at The Strand and Book Outlet (for the cheaper options, obviously), I tend to visit Books of Wonder especially for its YA author events. It’s definitely a place I’d rather go to for signings, and I’ve enjoyed every single occasion when I have. BoW, you can totally take my money. Just…not all of it, please? XD

NetGalley ARCs. I know I still have several advanced copies I need to read before next year is up, and I’m not the best ARC reviewer ever, but I do appreciate NetGalley for allowing me to read and review books ahead of time. I’ve hit 50+ reviews and counting, and my ratio is pretty good, so that’s saying something!


Friends Who Squee With Me. What is fangirling if not being able to hop around excitedly over something you love? And what makes it more fun than having like-minded individuals to come out and squee along with you? Seriously, I am blessed with bookish friends who understand my fangirling ways and non-bookish friends who don’t run away when I’m being a huge book nerd.

Audiobooks. Without audiobooks, I admit I will have read twenty less books this year than normal. Though nothing compares to reading the actual pages and letting your mind do the imagining for you, having someone narrate the books in a particularly dramatized way can also be a useful thing. I’ve read a few of my favorite books via audiobook, and have since picked up sequels in hardcover for those I loved.

Copious Fanfiction. When I don’t want the story to end quite yet, I look for fanfiction. For the most part, I’ve come to expect fellow fans to write the sort of indulgence I look for in fanfic, and I’m almost never disappointed. EXCEPT WHERE ARE MY SHADES OF MAGIC WRITERS? At some point I might just have to take matters into my own hands, you guys.

Limelight Ladies. I am always grateful for the vast number of authors who write fantastic characters, more so when they write amazing females in their fiction. Whether the females are secondary or primary in the story, whether they play a non-combative role, fight with words and/or swords, or play with fire, they shine just as well as the boys. Maybe even more so on particular occasions.

Fairy Tales and Magical Places. Can I just thank books for the escapism they provide in these tumultuous times? It’s a wonder why I like traipsing the magical places of books, and wandering the dangerously dark fairy tales of various cultures.

Image Comics. I still have a ton of graphic novels I need to read, but Image Comics has certainly been hitting it out of the ballpark as far as stories are concerned. The strength of Saga alone can attest to that, but then Monstress came out as well, and let’s not forget The Walking Dead and Paper Girls among other things. I completely have The Wicked + The Divine on my TBR as well, and while I haven’t read the story yet, I adore the artwork already.

So there we have it. Lots of things to be thankful for.

What bookish things are you thankful for?

7 thoughts on “TTT: Bookish Thanks

  1. I’m a fan of fantasy and dystopian futures (in books, not in real life!!!). I also enjoy retellings of stories, so I think I’ll be adding The Lunar Chronicles to my (criminally) long list of books to read!! Gosh, I think I’ll just point to my overflowing bookcase and say, “Thanks.” (pulls armfuls of books off shelves and hugs them) Thanks!!

    I actually (like so many others) really love the Harry Potter series. Due to some unfortunate health problems when I was little, I was home from school a lot growing up and didn’t have friends because of it. I was of similar age to Harry and his pals as the books were released, especially in the beginning… they became my friends and helped me through a lot, so I’m actually very thankful for the Harry Potter books. I wouldn’t be as sane as I am without them ❤


  2. I didn’t like audio books, but I’ve come to accept they’re great for certain times. (Or if they’re narrated by Neil Gaiman, then all times.)
    I’m most thankful that my mom never said–maybe you shouldn’t be reading Asimov, Heinlein, Anthony, McCaffrey, etc when you’re still in elementary school. My TTT


  3. Great list! I’m with you RE: Victoria Schwab – I discovered her this year, I think, but she’s honestly one of my favourite authors already with her grey characters and world-building abilities. And Books of Wonder looks SO cozy! I’ve only ever been to The Strand, and it was so lovely but it intimidated me with the amount of books I could check out. Too many choices and all that. 😂

    My thankful list is on blogging, if you’re interested. 🙂


  4. Fan Fiction is the unsung heroine of the obsessed. I am also so thankful that if I need a little more or need the story to go just a smidge differently, fan-fic is almost always there, There are so many amazing writers! Also I of course second your gratitude for limelight ladies – there is nothing better than a well written female!


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