Season 1, Episode 1: Beauty and the Beast

I mentioned this a while back, where my friend and I were embarking on a fairy tale retelling podcast. And after weeks of putting our first season together, we’ve finally published our first episode!

For our first season, we will be discussing the wonderful story of Beauty and the Beast. The episode takes a look at two of the original tales and discusses the importance of roses, libraries, and invisible servants within the popular tale.

If you like fairy tales, fairy tale retellings, fantasy, podcasts, and, well, YA and NA stories, you should really check Fableulous Retellings out.

Fableulous Retellings Podcast

Click here to download Episode 1!

Meg and Mari open their first season by discussing the classic original fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast! They focus on the original and first adaptation as it is frequently what is used in modern retellings. They make their checklist to use against the five modern retellings they’ll be reviewing this season, as well as why they think the story came to exist!

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Thank you to BenSound for our theme music and VidaLovesCake for our artwork!

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