Of Travelbugs and Owlcrates

I might be biased because July is my birthday month, or maybe because I love everything about traveling to different places, but this month’s Owlcrate is most definitely my favorite of the bunch.

The theme was Wanderlust and every bit travel-worthy as anything, and let me show you why.

I was actually glad that this was the book they added into the crate, because honestly, this book sounds fantastic. A Grand Tour across Europe with what clearly looks like a sassy, fierce protagonist and his entourage. Also, much of the swag added into the Owlcrate is suited for traveling or appropriately travel-themed.

I mean, let’s talk about this Lord of the Rings drawstring bag! It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, because I’ve actually gone hiking this weekend, and now I have a drawstring bag to put all my water and hiking necessities in. I also sorta kinda feel like a hobbit, because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be asking for my elevenses two minutes later.

There’s also quite a few maps! I love maps! And journals! I love journals!

I’ve also now got a cute little owl to accompany me on trips abroad, which is awesome. And Newt Scamander to take to work with me every day 😀

Overall, this was a fantastic haul, and I was glad I didn’t skip this month on Owlcrate!

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