Book Traveling Thursdays: A Wrinkle in Time

Book Traveling Thursday is a book meme that involves book covers from different parts of the world. Rules include picking a book according to the theme and then posting the original covers, covers from your country, your favorite covers, and your least favorite covers. This week, the theme is in commemoration of Johnny Appleseed: “Show us your favorite kids, or middle-grade book. ”

Hands down going to be Madeleine L’Engle, duh. A Wrinkle in Time took me to many places and gave me the love of science and math that I’ve carried even today. So of course I was going to highlight this!

That said, because this book was published in the ’60s and is a classic, there are a LOT of book covers. Seriously, trying to list down just the US covers was ridiculous. So I’ve limited it to the ones I liked of the US covers and threw in a few foreign covers to boot.

The Original

I will say it’s a pretty cool original cover, though this wasn’t the version I first read from.

Fun fact, THIS was.

Which, to be honest, I thought was cool because I saw Meg Murry and thought: “OH GOD. THAT’S ME.” I mean, nowadays I don’t think I’m much of a Meg Murry, but she’s still an awesome character.

US Covers

These were pretty awesome covers from the US. The second set is what I own, since it came as a boxed set of loveliness.

Favorite Cover

This was such a pretty collection of covers! I love the look of this, though granted, it doesn’t showcase the children that the book is about.

Least Favorite Covers

These two are…actually scary. The first is a Finnish version with characters that look nothing like the Murrys and Calvin. Charles Wallace isn’t exactly a derpy-looking kid. The second is a Turkish edition, which, from afar looks pretty cool, but then you take a closer look and the photo in the bubble is a stark and unwelcome contrast to the childlike illustration around it.

Other Foreign Covers

I also wanted to showcase some of the other foreign covers, because some of them are pretty nifty. It’s interesting to see what they focus on for each cover. My favorite of these is the simple Spanish cover, because it legit shows the wrinkle in time that Mrs. Whatsit passes.

What do you think of these covers? Do you have a favorite?

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