Knitting Pattern: Carry On

So when I was thinking of trying to knit a few presents in, I kind of stumbled on this Readcommendations project called the Kniterary Afghan, and I knew immediately what I was doing for my friend. (The ADSOM knit, duh…which I’ve actually turned into a small pillow).

This got me thinking about possibly creating my own afghan, and I’m only a little sad that there hasn’t been any update from Readcommendations, because I’d have loved to have seen all the other knitting patterns she could come up with!

In any case, the Kniterary Afghan project has me inspired, and I’ve started doing a set of my own book-blocks. So far, I’ve managed to do my own patch of A Darker Shade of Magic, though I have a feeling I might have to redo it, because it’s not coming out as evenly as I’d hoped, and I might tweak the pattern a bit.

One of the patterns I DID finish, however, was the Carry On cover, and I’m actually a bit proud of it!

Phew. It was actually not so bad after a certain point, because it was really just me knitting and purling the three different colors. While it is possible to double-knit this, I went for just a stranded colorwork method. I plan to line the backs with fabric by the end of this undertaking, which is most likely going to take a while. Like…over a year a while. Yeaaah. In for the long haul, baby!

I’ve included my pattern below if anyone’s interested in yoinking it.

Book Cover: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

My next one is a two-color simple cover of Sabriel, so that shouldn’t be too bad…I hope.

I might have to create a new page so I can keep a list of patterns on this blog. But anyway. Until next time!

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