TTT: Book Mash-Ups

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I love book mash-ups! This is usually how I describe some books I’ve been reading so far, and I swear to you some books really would become more epic if they were put together. Or maybe the epicness will be too much and this is why they don’t exist…yet.

I’ve paired each book, so instead of a list of ten, I’ve got a list of five, for a total of ten mentioned books. Because thinking is hard.

Top Five Epic Book Mashups

Brandon Sanderson’s Mistings (Mistborn trilogy) meet Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha (Grisha trilogy) – Alright, alright, from what I can tell about what people have said about Six of Crows, this sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. But seriously, the Mistborn trilogy still remains the trilogy with one of the best resolutions to the overarching plot, and Shadow and Bonehas given me some of my favorite villains ever (or is it villain? I haven’t decided yet, since I haven’t actually finished the Grisha trilogy yet!).

J.K. Rowling’s returning Hogwarts students (Harry Potter series) get embroiled in an Agatha Christie murder mystery…on the Hogwarts Express (Murder on the Orient Express). – Oh come on. Instead of Poirot coming in to investigate in Murder on the Hogwarts Express, obviously you’re going to have Hermione Granger on the case! And she doesn’t need a fancy mustache to get shit done.

Claudia Gray’s Firebird (Firebird series) travels through Ernest Cline’s OASIS (Ready Player One) instead of through parallel dimensions. – What I mean to say is, what would happen if, as the main character, I could jump into the avatars of different video games in an immersive manner so as to find the thousand pieces of a loved one? Anyone? Anyone? No? COME ON.

Gail Carriger’s preternaturals (Parasol Protectorate series) grace Lindsey Davis’ take on Ancient Roman detective stories (Marcus Didius Falco series). – I loved Soulless lots because it was absolutely Victorian–with an urban fantasy steampunk twist. Now I know Ancient Rome is way back in the historical timeline, but wouldn’t it be fun to throw Carriger werewolves and vampires in there?

Veronica Roth’s faction systems (Divergent trilogy) get integrated into Sabaa Tahir’s brutal world of the Empire (An Ember in the Ashes trilogy). – Honestly, Tahir’s world already has some kind of conflict between the Scholars and Marshals, which is pretty much Erudites vs. Dauntless, so it works! Honestly, I just want to see Tobias kick ass alongside Elias. Look, even their names rhyme!

Do you agree? Disagree? What books would make an epic story for you?


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