Mini Reviews: A Monster Calls, Lethal White

I’ve been hanging onto these reviews for a while now, for no reason, really. I will say that I’ve been getting into the habit of reading books and watching movies they were based on, so I might actually start doing those, too, from time to time. I won’t with A Monster Calls and I haven’t seen anything of Strike in a while, but I have a few other book-movie-tie-ins in the works!

Anyway, A Monster Calls was a book I’ve wanted to pick up and read ever since I saw the movie and bawled my eyes out. Even as I knew how things would end, this book still made me feel all emotional. And it was so wonderful.

Every annoyance I had with Lethal White had to do with the drama around Robin and Matthew. I’m not sure why the first entire part was on Robin’s wedding, and the quicker that shmat was over, the better. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as enthusiastic about the politics and mystery of this book as I had been with some of the previous books. Still, I’d watch the show when I can.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

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