TTT: Don’t Touch My Books

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Aww, I’m kind of a share-y person when it comes to books. I pretty much try to get my older students into the same books I’m in just so we can have discussions in afterschool or something. And, I’d like to mention that my success rate is pretty high when it comes to knowing what types of books my students like.

So I share. Maybe just not everything, I suppose. Like, there are just some signed books I would never lend out. And there are other books that I’ve read so often that I’m scared to lend out because of how dilapidated the covers are nowadays.

So I suppose I do have books I refuse to let anyone touch.

Books I Refuse To Let Anyone Touch

My entire first set of the Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce. The paperbacks for these are gold, and at least one of them was signed by the author back in the day. I do have a hardcover set of the series as well (because why not), so whenever I do rave about this series, I tend to lend out the hardcovers.

My entire Harry Potter hardcover collection by J.K. Rowling and illustrated by Mary Grandpre. Call me selfish, but I had bad experiences with people borrowing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets from me, and it’s twice that it’s disappeared and never returned and I had to buy a new one (thank goodness they still sold hardcovers for this edition when I needed them). So I just don’t lend this series out anymore. Besides, I wouldn’t want people to see how tear-stained The Order of the Phoenix is.

My collector’s edition of A Darker Shade of Magic and all other future collector’s editions of V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic series. You’d pretty much have to pry this off my dead body. I’m not sharing. This is why I have at least two copies of the same book. In hardcover. Schwab can take all my money. Yeah. GET YOUR OWN.

My hardcovers of GracelingFire, and Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore because honestly I’m really overprotective over these books. The covers are so beautiful and I refuse to ever lend them out. I did, however, get one of my 8th grade girls a paperback of Graceling and she’d enjoyed it. I just outright refuse to give out my own versions.

My collection of Robin McKinley paperbacks (especially The Hero and the Crown, The Blue Sword, and Deerskin). Actually, I have more than the three I put in (I also have BeautyThe Outlaws of Sherwood, and Spindle’s End), but of the six, the first three are the ones I absolutely loved and I’ve read more than once by this point. Also, you don’t want to see what my tattered Hero and the Crown looks like. It’s ridiculously worn out.

My copy of Lips Touch: Three Times by Laini Taylor and illustrated by Jim Di Bartolo. It’s just…it’s a gorgeous book and I’d never dream of ever letting anyone else’s grubby hands on this, especially with how gorgeous the pictures are. And the text is beautiful. And even the inside backing is gorgeous. The book is actually now signed by the author as well, so yeah. MINE.

My paperback copies of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Come to think of it, I realize now that I still don’t have a paperback of Winter. WHY IS THIS. I need to rectify this mistake soon. To be fair, I’ve also gotten almost an entire 7th grade class (and a bunch of four-year-olds) hooked to this series. But I didn’t have to use my copies to do so. There were plenty of these books lying around in our school library!

Okay, I think that was mostly it. The rest of the books, signed or otherwise, are kind of fair game, though I do hold reservations to who I lend or share books with.

How about you? Do you share books with others?

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