Mini Reviews: Saga, Volumes 8 and 9

I just got off the #24in48 Reading Challenge last weekend, so instead of scrambling to get books read for review, I find that I’ve an abundance of books to review! Which is a good thing, I suppose, because now I’m ahead of my Goodreads goal for the year.

Which makes this post Saga-centric.

If you don’t know what this series is about yet, go back to the beginning and READ. IT. Seriously, I cannot rave about this series enough. Keep in mind, it’s for adults, so if you’re squeamish over sex and gore and violence, proooobably stay away? Otherwise, if you like epic science fiction and fantasy and graphic novel goodness, what are you waiting for? GO.

I will admit these last two volumes, while the artwork is still beautiful and the story as well, they made me REALLY REALLY SAD AND I AM UPSET. ESPECIALLY THIS LAST VOLUME.

*takes deep breaths* I’m okay.

Have you read this series? What do you think?

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