Mini Reviews: Mortal Engines, White Stag

Aaaand here we have some e-books that I’ve been holding onto for ages! Time to get those reviews out now.

I do appreciate that Mortal Engines is an adventure tale, and I loved the premise that the world was destroyed and now all that’s left are traction cities eating away at smaller, anti-traction cities. Also, one of the fathers of steampunk = kudos for that! The worldbuilding is certainly fabulous, but I wasn’t a fan of the main characters. Give me story about Fang, please!

It only took me over a year to finally get through White Stag, and honestly, after so many attempts to like it because of positive reviews, I just couldn’t bring myself to. The main character drove me nuts, and I CANNOT RECONCILE GOBLINS LOOKING LIKE ELVES OKAY.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

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