Mini Reviews: Homeworlds, My Story

More reviews! One on a video game graphic novelization to boot!

Honestly, I bought the Mass Effect: Homeworlds copy because it had a Garrus story in it. I read the GARRUS story a while back, but never actually went through the rest. So I figure, why not?

It was a good idea on my part, because I love Tali even more now. The collection itself is a mixed bag, because James’ story was mostly meh, and Liara’s should have been interesting, but to be honest, it was interesting because of the involvement of the Illusive Man.

This other book I read as an audiobook, and I liked it well enough because it ended on a hopeful note. I admire and applaud Elizabeth Smart as a person, and I could never wish her situation upon anyone. All the same, perhaps there’s a better autobiography/version of this story, because there really isn’t as much detail in this memoir that wasn’t already known to the general public or through E. Smart’s actual interviews.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

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